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  1. dawgfan76

    Help After Hard Reset, can we see main menu without activation?

    I'm going to sell my DX and wanted to remove all traces of me. I did a hard reset per these instructions: Hard Reset - Motorola DROID X MB810 I thought it would be good to clean it out before selling and now I cannot see anything beyond a setup screen. Am I screwed? I had hoped to show...
  2. dawgfan76

    Help Backup Everything - Need install file!

    On my fourth replacement and the app is no longer available. To restore everything, I'll need to re-install this app. Anyone have it?
  3. dawgfan76

    Accessories Moda Casi screen protectors from Target

    I was pleasantly surprised with the 4 pack of universal, cut to fit screen protectors I bought from Target this weekend. I had received another replacement X and the existing protector did not survive removal. They are supposed to be reusable following a cleaning, but in my experience, they are...
  4. dawgfan76

    Help I'm running out of patience

    1st X swapped due to issue with callers not hearing me. Replacement now cannot get to 3G or 1G. Errors include National Access Coverage Not Available if text or pic is received and Network Unavailable for Backup Assistant. Working with tech support, but have done multiple resets, battery pulls...
  5. dawgfan76

    Accessories Verizon's Otterbox Commuter is different

    I decided to change from a holster to a case for pocketing my X. Bought an Otterbox Commuter from the VZW store locally. Since then I noticed online that the same case comes with a screen protection film, application card, silicon case including covers for the earphone hole and hdmi and charging...
  6. dawgfan76

    Accessories Can we ask about online vendors experiences?

    If allowed, I'd like to to hear if anyone has dealt with Wireless Emporium? I received an item that is not acceptable and emailed them (per policy) for a RMA the same day. Have not heard a word from them.
  7. dawgfan76

    Accessories Vertical Leather Case with Closure that...

    does not switch your DX to car mode or keep the backlight lit because of the placement of the magnet? I really want a vertical leather holster with a clip for my belt and wonder if anyone knows of one that does not close via magnet. I already tried the Pdair pouch and it did not retain it's...
  8. dawgfan76

    Help Realook screen protector - have you removed?

    I need to pull my Realook protector off and potentially re-install it on a replacement DX. Have any of you removed this brand protector and successfully re-used one?
  9. dawgfan76

    Help How best to prepare to swap phones?

    I am getting a replacment DX. What steps should I take now to prepare for the swap such as saving my apps, music files, contacts, ringtones, notifications tones, etc?
  10. dawgfan76

    Help Sound files on SD card, but can't set as ringtone

    I have used a certain file as a ringtone, but now I can't see it as a choice when using settings/sound/phone ringtone. I can see it using a file manager and it is on the SD card. Note that I can see some of the similar files as choices, but not all.
  11. dawgfan76

    Help Can we assign a distinct sound to a specific contact when they text us?

    I can assign a ring tone in my Contacts, but is there a way to assign a notification sound for one person that is not the default sound?
  12. dawgfan76

    Help 1X, 3G or wifi

    Around the office, where I spend the majority of my time, the signal varies significantly. I look at the phone in various rooms and the signal could be any of the subject feeds. We have wifi in the building and enough transmitters to cover all the square footage. I have my wifi set to on in...
  13. dawgfan76

    Help New picture folders I did not create???

    I just went to my gallery to delete a few pictures only to notice a bunch of new folders. Named s1 thru s7 and containing pictures I've never seen. Bet it's a news app named pulse I downloaded... PITA - Takes 5 keystroke to delete 'em. 1 select folder 2 menu select items 3 menu select all 4...
  14. dawgfan76

    Help Help - stuck in red eye during start up sequence

    Just noticed (cause I stuck it in the holster) that boot up did not work. Red eye is stuck and I think I need to pull battery. Hesitant to stick something sharp in compartment to pry out the battery - any advice? I Googled a how to and I see there's supposed to be a pull tab. I do not have one.
  15. dawgfan76

    Help Deleted folders and cache still there!

    I was looking through the files via ASTRO and also Files last night. I noticed several cases where folders, which I removed the app, were still in the directory. Also, the Zedge folder was full of images from browsing I presume. I've cleared the cache via the browser and a lot of stuff was not...
  16. dawgfan76

    Help Cannot hear caller when my phone rings

    This has happened twice now. If I turn off, then back on it works again. Has this happened to anyone else? PS - everything seems to work fine the rest of the time.
  17. dawgfan76

    Accessories PDair vs Monaco Vertical Leather Pouches

    In the market for a vertical leather pouch with belt clip for my Droid X. Currently using the VZW horizontal leather case, but think I'd prefer vertical. Has anyone got any pros or cons for either of the subject branded pouches? They appear to be identical, except for the imprinted name. PDAIR...
  18. dawgfan76

    Feeler: Droid X Custom Leather Case

    Bought new from VZW. Black leather custom fit for Droid X. How about $20 shipped CONUS?
  19. dawgfan76

    Help Wired headphones/earpiece compatibility?

    I have these two from previous Moto phones and wonder if they are compatible with my DX. The earphones work, but the mic doesn't seem to. The earpiece does not seem to work at all. Has anyone tried to use items such as those seen below?
  20. dawgfan76

    Help Google Voice Actions for Android...not working well

    You've probably seen the website, Voice Actions for Android , but are you having any luck making it work like they do? The commands I looked forward to utilizing are not working at all. I posted a query on the Google mobile site, but it has not gotten any replies. Hoping others here have tried...
  21. dawgfan76

    Voice Actions, but no 2.2 yet - Options?

    My friend with an iphone has the Nuance speech recognition SW and it's great. Looking for similar for my X, but all I see that's close is Google's new Voice Actions. It only compatible with 2.2. Is there another option until my OS is upgraded OTA by VZW? I'm not comfortable rooting.
  22. dawgfan76

    Was your Droid X rebate 'delayed'?

    Got a postcard yesterday stating that the receipt was not right and must be resubmitted. I call BS. I phoned the toll free number and got a CS rep who immediately said he'd pass it through for payment without me saying anything. Here's the deal: the form I completed said orig or a copy of...
  23. dawgfan76

    Help Alarm goes off while in holster. Can't dismiss.

    I just had an alarm go off and the DX was not holstered. I was able to move the dismiss slider and have it dismiss instead of snooze. I have never been able to dismiss when I have to remove the DX from my holster. Anyone shed some light on the situation?
  24. dawgfan76

    Just got spammed on my cellphone!

    I'm so pissed! Emails are bad enough, but now it's my VZW phone being texted! As follows: "Thx 4 Visiting Our Site Call 877-603-5280 To Claim Your $20 Wal-Mart Card Plus $50 Gas Card! Reply STOP 2Unsub" What should I do to stop this? Can VZW block or filter this? I'm so mad I don't know where...
  25. dawgfan76

    Help School blogspot and RSS feeds?

    My daughter's new teacher created a blogspot and it has a link to a subscription area. The area references an RSS feed, which I have never used before. Will I need a reader to get the updates on my DX?