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  1. runtmms

    APN types - explain to a newbie

    So I'm new to adding APNs and am confused by the 'type' field. 'default' appears to be for data access, 'mms' is self explanatory, what is 'supl'? Also, it seems like some people set up different APNs for each type - and insist it makes a difference, others do a single APN with multiple...
  2. runtmms

    Introduction, got questions about Solavei?

    Hello, I wanted to let you know a little about myself, why I went with Solavei, and how it's working out. My husband and I ordered Nexus 4's in early December. They are our first android phones. We had put off the whole smartphone thing because of how expensive data plans were. I'd never even...
  3. runtmms

    Charging Solutions - Multiple Devices?

    A couple of questions regarding charging. Does anyone have any experience with the Energizer Qi wireless charger? I'm considering the one that can charge two phones and has a usb port. Has anyone put a kill-a-watt one one of these to try to determine losses? Does it work with a bumper on? I...