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  1. liteon163

    Charging port location

    My first smartphone was an HTC DROID Incredible. Its micro USB port is on its lower left side. This worked well for me when charging in my car, as I could stand the phone up in the double cupholder of my 2005 Honda Accord. That way the headphone jack was also accessible for connection to my...
  2. liteon163

    Short Stay

    When I ordered my LG Spectrum off ebay in February, I did so under the assumption that I'd be using it for maybe a year before finally using my upgrade. Verizon threw a wrench into that plan by announcing their new data plans. Today I ordered a pebble blue 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S III so I could...
  3. liteon163

    One-handed myth

    Hey guys, we all seem to be getting along great here so I thought I'd try starting up a general discussion or two (or more, depending on how they're received) about Android and phones in general. Hopefully the mods don't mind... My first smartphone was an HTC Incredible, which I got days...
  4. liteon163

    GO Launcher EX Hijack?

    Today I received two really irritating notifications at the same time on my LG Spectrum. One was GO Launcher EX telling me I had some app updates available, despite never having installed anything from the GO store. The other was the Amazon Appstore telling me it had an update of itself. I...