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  1. tube517

    Android devices blocking some (Adult?) websites

    Check Google Safe Search setting. Make sure it's off on that device. Not sure if it may be on for that one device only.
  2. tube517

    Phone Snobbery?

    My son wants an Iphone and I said no. I told him to get one when he has a job and money. I gave him my Note 10+5G but he says he gets alot of grief from his friends/classmates. I said so what. LOL
  3. tube517

    Help Cannot find Pixel 6 Pro forum

    Wow the specific device threads are all gone. Now just one big "Android Devices" thread lol. Not a good idea.
  4. tube517

    XFL 2023

    Looks like the NFL may bring up the 4th and 20 "rule" instead of an onside kick, for a vote or discussion in the next league wide meetings. Similar the XFL rules...
  5. tube517

    XFL 2023

    The extra points are interesting. One of the first games had one team come back from 15-3 and win. Crazy comeback. I haven't had the chance to watch. This past weekend was full of sports that XFL was #4 on my priority list. (March Madness, World Baseball Classic, Sixers and then XFL)
  6. tube517

    Baseball 2023

    I wonder if Tmobile is going to offer the free mlb package again this year.
  7. tube517

    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deal... shady or not?

    The "catch" for me is switching to Magenta Max. Way too much money for monthly service. Some people may need all the fetaures but I don't.
  8. tube517

    Warner Bros. and Ezra Miller

    I only liked a few DC movies. The rest were muddling messes. Snyder cut was the beginning of the end
  9. tube517

    Sunbird App Imessage on Android

    https://www.droid-life.com/2022/12/02/sunbird-imessage-android-download-beta/ https://sunbirdapp.com/?r=413Gi We shall see if this will finally be imessage on Android
  10. tube517

    2022 NFL Football

    Broncos have had so many night games lol
  11. tube517

    2022 NFL Football

    I was sad to lose Juju from the Steelers. Well at least we beat Mr. Gisele Bundchen yesterday lol
  12. tube517

    The Future of NFL Viewing

    Whoever gets it is going to shell out some big bucks. Look at the announcers getting huge deals. Al Michaels has gone to Amazon for TNF games. Joe Buick and Troy Aikman are on MNF on ESPN. Mike Tirico takes over SNF on NBC/Peacock from Al Michaels.
  13. tube517

    The Future of NFL Viewing

    So I just read Walmart+ is going to have a partnership with Paramount+. They really want to compete w/Amazon
  14. tube517

    The Future of NFL Viewing

    For the MLB do you have Tmobile? Tmobile gives a year susbscription to MLB.TV for free in their Tmobile Tuesday deals. I can watch every game on my phone, tablet or TV
  15. tube517

    2022 NFL Football

    Yep. Watched the Steelers first game and the crowd was hyped for our rookie QB. Still only preseason but he looked good. Want to see him against real competition not 3rd stringers.
  16. tube517

    The Future of NFL Viewing

    NFL streaming is already in progress. Amazon Prime Peacock (NBC) Paramount + (CBS) FOX has their own streaming. NFL+ is the new streaming platform for the league. I don't know much about it. TubiTV has some NFL content but I don't think they have live games. Yahoo Sports shows some live games...
  17. tube517

    Android 12 for V60 is here

    Downloading now I am on Tmobile LG has kept their word so far
  18. tube517

    2021 NFL Football season

    Dumb rule. They should not have called that and I'm a Steelers fan. However, they called a taunting penalty on a Steelers player a few years ago because he stood w/his arms folded. Such a dumb rule.
  19. tube517

    TMobile V60 Android 11 Update is here

    For those w/T-Mobile and the V60 - Android 11 update just appeared 2.21 GB
  20. tube517

    watch NFL 2020

    I watched the Crygirls-Rams game and that stadium is beautiful. I want to come out one day in the future and see it. (2028 Olympics would be amazing)
  21. tube517

    watch NFL 2020

    I'm just teasing you but when my Steelers went there last year it was all Steeler fans in the stands. My cousins live in SD so they have no team now.
  22. tube517

    watch NFL 2020

    People actually watch the LA Chargers?
  23. tube517

    Tmobile Note 9 One UI 2.1

    Downloading OTA now for Tmobile Note 9 One UI 2.1 June 2020 Security patch included Little over 1 GB
  24. tube517

    Dark Sky ends on Android

    Dark Sky was bought out by Apple. It will be on Android until July 1, 2020 and then will be shut down. https://blog.darksky.net/
  25. tube517

    T-Mobile and other US carriers pledge to waive late fees due to coronavirus