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  1. danielunde

    Help Odin doesn't work on Windows 10

    I have a unlocked Note 8 AT&T it's a SM-950U1; I have a Dell computer 2 in 1 it's a tablet and laptop I just bought it is brand new I've only got it to install firmware once on my phone and every other time it would not do it I would have to use my daughter's computer to install firmware on my...
  2. danielunde

    Galaxy S8 SM-G950U1 Unlocked

    In Olden why should I use the home Tire file instead of the CSC file? I've been using the home file because it's old and tells me to but I think I want to know why I should not use the CSC file and what if I use the CSC file? Could someone explain the difference in what it would do to my phone...
  3. danielunde

    Fireamwear GALAXY SM-G950U1ATT

    I have a Galaxy SM-G950U1 unlocked i'm looking for ATT-G950U1UEU2AQK2-20171129151750.zip Sammobile no good had 3 Errors as well as Samsung had the same 3 Errors and in there fireamwear.
  4. danielunde

    Help Phone won't update

    I'm running nugget 7.0 the last 3 months I have received update notifications in the blue square says update okay cancel later I press on the download link okay and it goes away it does not download I have a Galaxy S6 it does this every time I feel like I should be getting nugget 7.1 0 or nugget...
  5. danielunde


    I have a galaxy s5 SM-G900f what firmware should I be running on it?
  6. danielunde

    Easter egg

    I updated my Galaxy S5 SM-G900f this morning and I noticed that when I go to Settings / about device and tap on Android Version that the K doesn't work or show up and if I hold my finger on the screen the screen will go to the red Android logo, the update was about 256 megabytes what's going on...
  7. danielunde

    Sims card

    I gave my gs4 to my daughter she hasn't gotten service yet but she was trying to get everything set up updates /Google, and it has no Sims card in it at all just been using WiFi but she can go to the play store but when she tries to go to my apps it just cycles and wont load is it because she...
  8. danielunde


    My Galaxy s5 is from Singapore but my firmware don't match with Singapore the firmware on the phone is G900FDXU1ANE2 but the one that SamsMobile says that my firmware should be G900FDXU1ANG4?
  9. danielunde

    What Country SM_G900F

    I can't remember how to find out what country my Galaxy S5 from It's a SM-G900F could someone please give me a hand with this? thank you.
  10. danielunde

    Galaxy S5 unlocked

    Where's the best place to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F 4G LTE 16GB WHITE - International Unlocked Version
  11. danielunde

    Galaxy S5?

    Can someone please tell me where to go to buy a factory unlocked Galaxy S5,Negri Electronics has gone to **** Thank you
  12. danielunde


    I'm unlocked GS4 GT-I9505 running 4.4.2 Kit Kat I9505ZHUFNB3_I9505ZZHFNB3_TGY. I was wanting to know if i'm rooted can i use Odin to flash> I9505ZHUAME3-PRE-ROOTED-ORIGINAL.rar this is 4.2.2 JB. i can't seem to get my knox counter reset to 0x0 it's on 0x1 now.
  13. danielunde

    Root [AT&T] reset counter to 0x0

    i don't understand how to reset my knox counter back to 0x0 i root with CF-Auto-Root-jflte-jfltexx-gti9505.tar then use triangle away then unroot and reboot? can someone help me? GT-I9505 4.4.2 Kit Kat
  14. danielunde

    Root [AT&T] updates

    I checked for an update but when i tried my GT-I9505 GS4 gave me a message here it is > Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available? what's going on with this anyone know?
  15. danielunde

    Messaging Widget

    My wife has a SGS3 GT-I9305 and she got a firmware update last night and I noticed that when you turn the phone off and reboot it that on the home screen the messaging Widget is missing and i have to put it back on the home screen, everytime I turn off or reboot the phone. I guess it's a bug but...
  16. danielunde

    Test Firmware

    Anyone have the new test firmware I9505XXUFNAD?
  17. danielunde

    Root [International] Test Firmware

    Does anyone have the test firmware ( XXUFNA5) that I can download? I'm having to download from my phone and it takes too long to download from terafile.co Thanks!
  18. danielunde

    Root [International] Stock Rom?

    Can someone please tell me what Stock Rom my SGS4 shipped with? SSN:I9505GSMH
  19. danielunde


    My wife and i have Galaxy 3,and 4 phones model # GT-I9305 (I9305ZHBMI4)and I9505 both from Hong Kong and the firmware thats on them now is what came on them (Hong Kong) My question is which firmware should i be using Hong Kong or Germany? live in US
  20. danielunde

    Firmware Update 4.3 official

    My wife has a s3 GT-I9305 Is there a new firmware update out for this device yet? This is Hong Kongs GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE PDA: I9305ZHBMI4 CSC: I9305TGYBMI4 MODEM: I9305ZHBMI2 And this is the firmware thats on her phone now ,both of our phones came from this region. (Hong Kong)...
  21. danielunde

    Firmware Update

    I'm showing a firmware upgrade TGY-I9505ZHUEMK2 Firmware on kies, but will use Odin: I have GT-I9505 and my firmware now is ZHUEMJ7 has anyone seen this upgrade? anyone know anything about this update?
  22. danielunde


    i have a collection of ringtones on my SDcard and i use them for my contacts/messaging and in some cases like my gmail tone changes to numbers what the and i don't even have any number named ringtones or notifications? not sure whats going on but my phone always goes back to default, i just...
  23. danielunde

    Firmware Update

    I installed I9505XXUEMJ5 using Odin 3.7 and was wanting to know if i could install JB 4.3 I9505ZHUEMJ7 my device is unlocked and was shipped from Hong Kong
  24. danielunde

    Root [International] Firmware Update

    I have a GT-I9505 and would like to know which firmware I should be running? I'm running XXUEMJ5 now and I have an international version unlocked (Build Number JSS15J.I9505XXUEMJ5)
  25. danielunde

    APN Straight Talk GS4

    I can't send mms picture messages anyone know the APN settings for the Galaxy S4 unlocked GT-I9505?