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  1. gothicnerd1033

    Question about PC charging

    Okay, Heres an interesting question. Since USB 3.0 is becoming popular rapidly, And most likely 50% of us nowadays have USB 3.0 ports now.. If you plug your USB 2.0 HTC Evo 3D/V into a 3.0 port, Will it charge at USB 2.0 rates(500ma)? Or does it charge at the full 3.0 rate(900mah)? Does...
  2. gothicnerd1033

    Root Latest version of Gapps?

    What is the latest Gapps flashable zip available for our phone? Can anyone give me a link? I did a search.. But they give results to other phones. I wasnt sure if they were the same as for our phone, So I figured Id ask. I have the march 1st, 2013 version, And cant find anything later than...
  3. gothicnerd1033

    Root MMS fix DL link?

    Well, PACman ROM has a bunch of new features, And I may be going back to it for my daily. It has a TON of fixes, Such as FCs fixed... Camera fixed.. GPS fixed.. etc.. But for some odd reason, MMS isnt working... I tried to do a search on the forum... But "MMS fix" is too short, And it wont...
  4. gothicnerd1033

    Root Which icons do I need to edit for notification icons?

    Which specific files inside the systemui.apk and framework-res.apk do I have to change to change the default system colors on a sense 3.6 ROM? Basically, Im bored of the plain white icons on the notification bar, And HATE how the green checkboxes and sliders dont match anything. I am looking...
  5. gothicnerd1033

    [FIXED GLITCH]All of a sudden I cannot post in my phone category?

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong section. I could not find a better place to post this. Feel free to move it in the right section. All of a sudden, My account wont let me post or access forum threads in my phone category. It gives an error saying: "gothicnerd1033, you do not have...
  6. gothicnerd1033

    Root How to remove camera widget from lockscreen on JB ROMs?

    Title says it all. I am using the default lockscreen, And when you swipe to the right, It activates the camera. I cannot figure out how to disable or delete this. Anyone know how?
  7. gothicnerd1033

    Root Dev-Host is down... Nevermind. Its back. :p

    Just letting you guys know, DevHost is down so all links are broken for the moment. Its been down for a little bit now. Will post this in the android forums general section too.
  8. gothicnerd1033

    Root [Q] AnyKernel.zip help (Kernel building)

    Okay, So I am trying to package my kernel into a zip, And its giving me issues. I am using Linux Mint 14 x64 inside VirtualBox with the AnyKernel.zip file. I have the appropriate zimage already made, But when I try to add files to the anykernel.zip file, It gives me an error saying "an error...
  9. gothicnerd1033

    Root [BootAnimations]

    Post your boot animations here! All are welcome!. The ones created by me, must be replaced through a file manager. They are NOT flashable .zips. Recommended: You may want to change file permissions to rw-r--r--
  10. gothicnerd1033

    Root How to turn .gif into boot animation?

    Awesome show. :D Id LOVE this as a boot image.. How to do it? I saw theres an easy way to make static boot images.. But what about a .gif?
  11. gothicnerd1033

    Root 4ext Backup Schedule?

    Does anyone know if 4ext has a scheduler to perform backups at a set time/day? I know titanium has it, And I cant seem to find anything in 4ext. Im not sure if I am missing something, Or theres no way to do it. Id figure Id ask here. :p
  12. gothicnerd1033

    Signature probs.

    WTF isnt my signature showing up?!?! D=<
  13. gothicnerd1033

    Root Radio link?

    Does anyone have the newest radio in a flashable zip? I am finally gonna try to flash some different radios, To see if I can get a better signal or not, But I dont want to continue until I have the current one I have on my phone, downloaded so I can easily go back without having to worry...
  14. gothicnerd1033


    I know its not android related, But... ITS MY BIRTHDAYY. :birthday::beerglass::beerglass::rock: :D
  15. gothicnerd1033

    Root Stock wifi tethering working on 4.2.2 ROMs

    I saw something somewhere about wifi tethering working in 4.2.2 ROMs. Alot of others couldnt get it to work. I ended up giving it a try to see if it worked using the stock tethering built into the ROM. Ended up taking a few minutes after connecting my computer to my phone, But its working. I am...
  16. gothicnerd1033

    All I have to say...

    All I have to say is I am glad I dont own any apple products and went for an android phone... Ive been trying to fix my friends iPod Touch 1st Gen... She ended up dropping it and breaking the glass.. She had a replacement glass screen with built in digitizer when she gave me the iPod to fix...
  17. gothicnerd1033

    Root Vista and XP drivers?

    Does anyone know if Vista uses different drivers than windows 7? If so, can you give me a link of where to download them? What about Windows XP x64? I have the 32bit XP drivers, But I want to add XP x64 if there are any.
  18. gothicnerd1033

    Root [INSTALLER] HTC Driver Installer x86 and x64

    Well, There seemed to be better ways to do things, So here is the actual HTC Installer for all windows systems(XP, Vista, 7, and 8. x86 and x64) Thanks to ramjet73 for the link: Dev-Host - HTCDriver This is my original post:
  19. gothicnerd1033

    Found this on tumblr. Pretty neat.

    I want to make this into a wifi icon for this phone. Probably one of the JB ROMs. Could go in any of them if done right. I just think itd look sweet. As long as it still told you your signal strength with this animation if possible. Only problem is, I have no clue on how to do this. LOL.
  20. gothicnerd1033

    Instructions to Build Your Own Lego Cell Phone Dock With OTG!!

    HTC Evo V Lego Dock! Well, Im sure alot of you people saw my other post about making my own lego dock. Alot of people were interested and wanted a guide on how to make one of their own. Well here are the instructions in 20 steps! Keep in mind, All steps are optional. YOU can change/alter...
  21. gothicnerd1033

    Help Virgin Mobile Problems

    VM must be out... Tried to buy a card online and didnt work.. Went to Walmart to buy a card and it wouldnt take there either. :confused:
  22. gothicnerd1033

    Root OTG on android 4.2?

    Has anyone successfully gotten OTG working on 4.2? I know that "Angry Beans" doesnt support it. I have tried. I know its both the ROM and kernel that need to be enabled to use OTG, But are there any other 4.2 ROMs that have this working? Another note, I have tried to flash buttered toast...
  23. gothicnerd1033

    Just figured Id share this

    Well, I basically ended up REALLY bored... And this is what happened. I found my old lego collection that I havent touched in years.. And yeah. :p Made this so I can play games and stuff with a controller, or to use a wireless keyboard and mouse with, without having to hold the phone in an...
  24. gothicnerd1033

    Root Kernel Question

    I am using CM10.1 and was curious what kernels are working with JB ROMs. This built in kernel doesnt seem to be a true dual core kernel, Because kernel tuner is going wacky with it. Sometimes it will flicker 2 cores where you set the frequencies.. But it mainly stays to where you can set only...
  25. gothicnerd1033

    Help How to tell if your bootloader is locked after S-off?

    Basically, After performing the S-off and flashing JB 1.50 together, It doesnt show weither the bootloader is locked or not anymore. How do you tell if it is locked? Can the bootloader be locked while on a different Hboot? This isnt causing any problems yet, But I am curious about this...