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  1. KaosStorm

    Questions about firmwares

    Phones bought from specific carriers have specific firmwares attached to them, but most of the time they come with the earliest version and carriers (the lame ones, at least) never update to the most recent one. What exactly do you lose if you try to flash an open firmware into these type of...
  2. KaosStorm

    Any experience with the Galaxy S Duos?

    For all intents and purposes, it's pretty much equal to an L7, specs-wise, except that it has a smaller screen and heavier UI. Has anyone had any experience with this particular phone? Or the L7 at that?
  3. KaosStorm

    Low/mid range Android recommendations.

    I'm looking for a low-mid range Android phone to replace the uber low range Galaxy 5 I'm currently running now. Due to the state of the market around here, my options are heavily limited. So far, I've come up with 3 to 4 sensible options, but I could dig around a little more for some other...
  4. KaosStorm

    Root [Q] Nandroid backup using CMW

    So, I used ODIN to flash CWM and got to the recovery menu. The first thing I notice is that it can't access certain stuff (system partition, for one), but I still kept going. The only thing I tried was to do a backup with CWM, and it start as it does a boot and recovery .img backup, but once...
  5. KaosStorm

    FB app not letting me comment back

    So, since a while back the FB app refuses to show me the comment box while checking any particular story on a wall, even if it's my own; it happened out of the blue too, because as early as two weeks ago I could comment directly from my Android no problem. And the restriction isn't really...
  6. KaosStorm

    Are there any inherent risk of running unsupported apps?

    When you log into the Market from your PC, and you search for any particular app, there is a chance of it not being compatible with your phone (in case of the phone's market, it won't even appear as a search result); this means that that particular app is not supposed to go into your phone for...
  7. KaosStorm

    Issues with K9 mail (and a question about the Gmail app)

    I started using K9 just recently, and it was all good until I tried to download an attachment; when I tap on download it says that it's "impossible to download to SD" and refuses to do anything. If I go with open, sometimes it opens the file, sometimes it doesn't; is there a rime or reason to...
  8. KaosStorm

    Help [Galaxy 5] Problems when (re)activating WiFi

    I'm not sure if this is a Galaxy 5 exclusive issue or if it's something that happens to some other Android devices, but here it goes. If I turn off WiFi and the turn it on, sometimes it refuses to turn on. I go to wireless settings and it says, under WiFi, error. The only way to make it...
  9. KaosStorm

    'sup peeps.

    So yeah, I got my first android like two weeks ago and so and, while looking for apps to populate it, I searched and used this forum. So here I am now, signed in to join the discussions and what not. See you around the forums. :)