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    Root Considering Rooting

    Hey every one. I am considering rooting my Nexus 10. So im posting to get some input and get a few questions answered. 1. Why root my Nexus 10? What added features or functionality could I expect. I have my HTC Hero rooted year ago and Roms were great but its a different world now...
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    Root HDMI issue

    Hey guys, So after years away from Android and Android Forums im back. I was an active member for a long time! NOW IM BACK! I got a galaxy S 3 (waiting for HTC M7 (one?
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    Root Telus HTC Hero Root Guide.

    As promised I have created a full step by step root guide. This was designed for the Telus Hero in mind but will work with any GSM Hero. Downgrading process may not be necessary on some models of GSM Hero. I have designed this guide for some one with extremely limited computer knowledge...
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    Root help! please!

    okay. So... I created the gold card. Downgraded. Rooted. Now im trying to install a ROM. I decided to try SenseHero first. Install went okay. no errors. when finished i sleected reboot from the recovery menu. my phone reboot. I hot the hero boot screen then changed to the sense hero boot...