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  1. taiowa

    How do I restore Google Authentication Verification codes??

    Would someone PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me get back into my Facebook (and other social media sites?) A few weeks ago I did a master reset on my phone and I accidentally selected delete all data, which I'm sure it that may have included all of my two-step Google authentication codes. All I...
  2. taiowa

    Safe Mode made things worse

    I was having some major issues with my phone just recently so I put the phone in Safe mode and went into almost every app to work with some settings the last time I was able to clear up some issues and when I came out of safe mode things appear to be fine. Now I am not going to lie and say that...
  3. taiowa

    Is it the app or is it my pen?

    I've used an Eraser app for years. I mean years. I love it to death. Lately, I've noticed that most times when I touch my stylus pen to an area to erase or draw something the notification bar at the top reveals itself instead of my pen doing what it's supposed to do. I can't recall if this has...
  4. taiowa

    AC Market

    Everytime I've download AC Market (no matter where I get the download from or how safe the site says that the app is, even AC Markets legitimate site) I always get a big VIRUS ALERT from both virus scanners I have which are ESET and Kaspersky. Android/TrojanDownloader.Agent.KE What's up with...
  5. taiowa

    Stock Device Care unreliable.

    I don't understand why my androids 'Device Care' won't thoroughly clear ALL my applications cache at once? I'm always having to go back into my apps SETTINGS and finish clearing a massive amount of cache left behind or never cleared at all. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Although it's...
  6. taiowa

    Confused about 2FA

    Don't laugh, but would someone please explain to me how to use two-factor authentication apps. I've downloaded several of them but then I'm like," now what?" I've Googled and can't find anything that tells me step-by-step. Google sources assume that I already know how to use one. Thank you in...
  7. taiowa

    Device settings are ignoring me

    I've read that it's best not to put apps to sleep or they won't receive notifications or updates. I went into settings and selected that option NOT to put apps to sleep. Then I go about my beeswax thinking things are good and fine. (fa-la-la-la-laaa) Next thing you know I pop into the sleeping...
  8. taiowa

    Suggestion about texts

    This is just a suggestion to add text notifications as an option in addition to email notifications. :thinking: I enjoy this forum and want to stay in the loop about diff topics. I need more than an email (which I rarely check on a daily basis) reminder to come back and revisit my queries and...
  9. taiowa

    Android Forum Notifications?

    o_O I apologize if this is another dense repeated question but, does Android Forums have an option to receive text notifications rather than via email? :thinking: I enjoy this forum and want to stay in the loop about diff topics. I need more than an email as a reminder to come back and...
  10. taiowa

    Quick Introduction

    Hello I'm Tai and I love forums because I'm very inquisitive. I've always had an interest in technology while absorbing anything that I can.
  11. taiowa

    Files disappearing after download

    No matter what file manager I use, the apps that I've download are no where to be found just after I've downloaded them ontomy Galaxy Note 8 device. Shouldn't I be able to head straight into the downloads folder and it be there right at the top? I mean, at times they'll be there and most times...
  12. taiowa

    Wallpaper Set and Save

    I know the height and width must be 640x480, when I change to a larger wallpaper like 1600x1200 using Gimp it doesn't size it correctly. Is there a manipulation that I can use to make the size turn out to be 640x480, or can I just use 640xwhatever?
  13. taiowa


    I just wanted to say hello. I know i will learn alot from this forum!;)