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  1. freeza

    Android Home Screens Facebook page

    Check out our Android Home Screens Facebook page, where you can share and discuss your Android home screens, widigets, icons, tips, and anything else related to making your home screen aewsome. https://www.facebook.com/AndroidHomeScreens
  2. freeza

    Used HTC EVO 4G

    It's currently on eBay: eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
  3. freeza

    Android Wallpapers site!

    Hey guys, I'm putting together a website dedicated to mobile wallpapers for various devices that I own. After searching the internet for a good site, I have yet to find one that meets certain criteria and almost all of them have wallpapers that don't quite live up to expectations: -them...
  4. freeza

    Root [CDMA] A leaked ROM for the EVO 3D appears on XDA

    Shouldn't be too long now..... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1081921 highlights:
  5. freeza

    EVO 3D: Gorilla glass? S-LCD?

    With the many unfortunate "accidental drops" and broken screens original EVO users suffered, this makes me wonder; does the EVO 3D sport Gorilla glass? 5 dollars to the first one who can confirm or deny this. Also, what kind of display technology does 3D/Parallax use? Didn't get a chance to...
  6. freeza

    Handcent notification issue.

    Hi, here are the problem[s]: -Handcent is set to notify me during calls. It works OK I guess, but why is the notification sound different during calls than what you've set it to? Annoying. -If I receive more than one message while in a call, the notification sound will play repeatedly If I read...
  7. freeza

    Handcent and Chomp VS Stock (laggy)

    Stock messaging app has become very laggy with over 3000 messages, some spawning threads of around 800 messages. Also, deleting them, while being an option, shouldn't be necessary. I delete all of my messages at the start of a new billing cycle and that's how it's always been with my...
  8. freeza

    Massive EVO wallpaper collection OVER 1800! (Updated: 2/4/11)

    Hi everyone. Here is a collection of wallpapers resized for for your EVO home screen (960x800), most of which are from interfacelift.com. ENJOY! Original file names kept intact, so don't worry, they are indeed 960x800. This is a very bare form. I hope to get some sort of site going in the...
  9. freeza

    Strange anomalies after OTA? Solution: HARD RESET

    I have noticed almost a million (for real!) threads today alone on problems with the Froyo OTA update. Here is a simple but powerful method to eliminate most, if not all of them. I compare OTA updates to upgrading Windows versions. It is always better to do a clean install aka a hard reset...
  10. freeza

    Does sound notifications work while in-call on Froyo?

    Such as text messages, and others? This was, and is a huge annoyance on 2.1 unless using a third party app, which I don't. Has Google fixed this in Froyo?
  11. freeza

    Google Maps update 4.4.0

    Gogole maps update 4.4.0. Doesn't seem too different yet...
  12. freeza

    beautiful widgets weather is way off

    I just installed BW along with launcherpro...and while I do enjoy launcherpro, BW sucks because the weather is like 20 degrees off and no matter what I do, it stays that way. Basically, nothing I've seen is better than HTC Sense weather clock. Are there any GOOD alternatives to BW that...
  13. freeza

    Any real life problems with using Task Killers?

    I have been reading so many mixed emotions about task killers. However, the most i've read are from people are who dislike/discourage people from using them. But, I never get any real world experiences from those people. Only, "they can mess things up", "they aren't good", "android manages...
  14. freeza

    Accessories Who all bought the 32GB microSD card from Verizon? $99!

    LINK HERE I did! free overnight shipping too. $109 total with CA taxes. :-D
  15. freeza

    What is your current Up time?

    Here's mine :) Use of ATK brings me back to 206 MB free RAM. (running my own custom ROM heavily modified version of fresh 0.3) No abnormalities from using ATK either.
  16. freeza

    Fixed light leaking and screen separation with krazy glue

    I finally decided to do it. I had an idea to use the corner of a sheet of paper dabbed in krazy glue to slide up and down the sides and bottom of my phone while holding the screen down for a while. Surprised, it worked like a champ, and any excess glue that got anywhere on the phone was easily...
  17. freeza

    Root OTA update (1.47.651.1) has been conquered (root!)

    Looks like an 'anonymous' dev[s] has cracked the OTA update and with the help of SteelH of XDA, it is being distributed. To those who mistakenly updated via OTA only to lose root, or to those who happen to get a new phone with the 1.47 update applied, this is definitely for you. {ROOT GUIDE}...
  18. freeza

    Root Extract HDMI update from new OTA?

    For those who haven't applied the OTA because of rooting, has anyone tried to extract the HDMI update (which also adds a settings control panel) to install our older firmware versions?
  19. freeza

    Spare Parts (from CyanogenMod)

    I've read that Spare Parts included in CyanogenMod is slightly different (including more options) than the one from the Market. Is it allowed to be passed out or is it a CyanogenMod exclusive? :)
  20. freeza

    Notifications not working while in call.

    I've tried searching but most results get no real resolution. Problem: Audible notifications don't go off during a call. So there's no way to know if you have a text/email/whatever unless you set the status LED to go off, which kind of defeats the purpose if you are holding the phone up to your...
  21. freeza

    City ID like program??

    I couldn't help but notice that caller state information isn't included in our Stock ROMs. This feature was pretty awesome on my touch pro2 and various other phones. Is there any program from the market or a ripped version of City ID from any of verizon's Android phones that will work with ours?
  22. freeza

    News/RSS app problem. Keeps adding all news back.

    I have 4 subscriptions in the news app and the widget on the homescreen. The problem is, read news keeps refreshing on the app after i've read and deleted it. If I read all the news, then delete them all so that it's empty, the widget will "load news" and everything will come back. Is this the...
  23. freeza

    static ip address problem

    I have my wifi network set up with static ip addresses and mac address filtering. Here is the problem. My EVO will connect to the network just fine when i'm not in a call, and it will stay connected as long as I enable wifi before a call comes through, but if I try and connect to the network by...
  24. freeza

    Why do people complain about the power button?

    Unless your nerves are damaged or touch sensitivity severely crippled, I don't understand what the fuss about the power button is. I've seen multiple reviews complain about how it's too flush with the rest of the phone and how you can miss it when you're trying to find it but I have had no such...
  25. freeza

    Help Unable to download widgets. Tap to try again.

    Anyone else have this problem while trying to browse and download more "HTC Widgets"?