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  1. anthgav

    Android 8 Oreo Rolling Out Now

    Just discovered Oreo is rolling out. Downloading it now. Has anyone else installed it yet?
  2. anthgav

    Accessories HTC 10 Battery Case?

    Hi Im after a battery case for my HTC 10. I've searched high and low for one but I am unable to find one. Something similar to this one... http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/HTC-ONE-M8-M9-Power-Bank-Portable-Extra-Battery-Charger-Case-Backup-Pack-Cover-/321944945749?nav=SEARCH Is anyone aware of any...
  3. anthgav

    Help LG G3 died and replacement won't update to lollipop.

    One night my LG G3 had about 50% battery left when I last checked it. The next time I pulled it out of my pocket it was as dead. I'm on the Three network in the UK and prior to the phone failing I had updated it to Lollipop through the official roll out. Anyway, I got my phone replaced...
  4. anthgav

    Why 32gb with carriers in UK?

    I am mulling over getting the M8, HTC state that this phone comes in 16gb or 32gb versions. All the carriers in the UK seem to be selling the 16gb only, and this seems to be the trend with all the latest top end phones. If I get the 16gb version HTC state that about 10gb of it is usable after...
  5. anthgav

    Accessing a NAS storage unit in a workgroup

    Hi I have a NAS storage unit setup in a wireless workgroup I just wondered if anyone new of any way to access the NAS units files from my phone. I have a HTC Desire running Froyo. Thanks!
  6. anthgav

    Push Email BETA for Yahoo, Hotmail, Google & more!

    I thought I would share with everyone this new email app for Android from Seven that's still in BETA. It gives you PUSH mail for all the common types of email such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Google and more! It gives me PUSH mail for my hotmail and keeps all my folders in sync and you don't need...
  7. anthgav

    Help SMS vcard not saving to my contacts list

    Hi I have a HTC Desire When I recieve vcard's via sms text messages I open the message and touch the vcard, it says "the vcard has been imported succesfully". When I go to my contacts list the supposed vcard entry does not show up in the list. Is this a common problem, if so can anyone help!