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  1. NoShftShck16

    Root 10 Point Multi Touch Kernel

    New DROID Incredible Kernel Allows 10-Point Multi-Touch No AOSP yet...
  2. NoShftShck16

    Like a G6 Parody (I Got MiKandi)

    a friend of Koush, the CyanogenMOD developer for the Incredible, made this AWESOME parody. Droid Like a G6
  3. NoShftShck16

    Justin.TV App

    Just wanted to make sure everyone saw this. Its an AWESOME app. Just did a test stream and it worked perfectly! elpeterson on Justin.tv Justin.tv Broadcaster - Android app on AppBrain
  4. NoShftShck16

    Help Tip: Got Tasker? Having trouble with Wifi/BT?

    If you are having trouble connecting to Wifi or BT or GPS and you have Tasker, the app is probably causing the issue. Tasker, even with no profiles active, still does WiFi Scan & BT scans and will shut both off if nothing is found within the specified limit. Unfortuntely, the default setting...
  5. NoShftShck16

    Accessories If you're thinking about getting a BlueTooth

    I HIGHLY recommend the BlueAnt T1 -Answer/Ignore calls with Voice -Amazing contact name recognition -Crazy clear voice (from caller and called) -Automatically reads texts & senders name -Made for Android 2.0+ device -Not a big deal for most, but the voices that speak to you vary between...
  6. NoShftShck16

    Best Settings for DSPManager

    So this app was cooked into CM 6.1, I listen to a lot of bass heavy music, and wanted to figure out how to set this up correctly. can anyone offer some suggested settings?
  7. NoShftShck16

    Looking for an app, care to help??

    I use stuff like Clockr, TextOClock, & BattStat. I want to find a weather one that automatically grabs location. TypoWeather is OK for now, but does anyone know of a text weather app that will autograb location?
  8. NoShftShck16

    Verizon VCast App Store

    FIRST! Verizon Confirms Droid Incredible is the First Android Phone to Get V Cast
  9. NoShftShck16

    Root [ROM] CyanogenMOD 6.1

    CHECK ROM MANAGER! XDA Thread: [ROM] Cyanogen 6.1.0 Stable Release All main issues should be reported at the thread above. But I'll keep this updated here. FROM THE OP: CyanogenMod is a free, community built distribution of Android 2.2 (Froyo) which greatly extends the capabilities of your...
  10. NoShftShck16

    Help Can someone explain how to use systempanel?

    I bought this app and I am trying to figure out how I can best use it.
  11. NoShftShck16

    Accessories Otterbox Cases Now Available

    OtterBox Defender Series OtterBox Commuter Series Just came out for the Incredible, ENJOY!
  12. NoShftShck16

    Best Gadgets that Broke New Ground in 2010!!!

    5 Gadgets that Broke New Ground in 2010 [Mashable Awards]
  13. NoShftShck16

    Another Incredible Story

    Just wanted to talk about what my Incredible did for me this weekend. It was my sisters birthday this weekend in Boston (im originally from here). I haven't made the drive in awhile and needed to keep checking in with my brother in order to get up there quickly, its a good 6 hour drive. I...
  14. NoShftShck16

    Root How To Stop Googles Auto Restore (of apps)

    Sometimes, well actually a lot of the time, when I flash a new ROM after wiping down the entire phone I find that after signing into Google in the beginning stages of the activation that suddenly apps begin appearing. I've found that if I skip the Google integration setup until after the...
  15. NoShftShck16

    Root Droid X/2 Keyboard for IncDoes Sense

    tried loading the Droid 2 Keyboard I have onto IncDoes Sense v0.8.1 and I get FC every time. Anybody have any other APKs that have worked or that I could try?? Much appreciated
  16. NoShftShck16

    Best NHL / Team Specific App

    Suggestions on the best NHL App? Also looking for a Philadelphia Flyers specific one. UPDATE: I need a direct APK for NHL GameCenter, its not in my market.
  17. NoShftShck16

    Best Calendar Widget

    Running MIUI v3 and realize there isnt a calendar widget. I heard good stuff about Pure Calendar widget but i was looking for other opinions before I committed. What is your calendar of choice, keep in mind I need to find one I can download so stock calendars are out of the question. I...
  18. NoShftShck16

    Root Recovery & the trackpad

    FYI You don't need to use the volume rocker to navigate ClockWorkMod Recovery, just realized the trackpad works.
  19. NoShftShck16

    Root Creating an SD Ext 4 Partition

    I'm not sure if this needs to be in the Support/TroubleShooting section or in the All Things Root Section. Mods, feel free to move. Anyone know where I can get some detailed instructions for creating a SD Ext 4 partition? Is this something easy to do in Windows? I'm running Ubuntu mainly so...
  20. NoShftShck16

    Root Did I Brick??

    Not freaking out yet. But I can't get my phone out of the boot cylce. I rooted last night after getting my phone back from HTC, did unrevoked forever too. Everything went smoothly. Installed Cyanogen 6.0.2 and things were going alright but a lot of stuff was just not working well. So I...
  21. NoShftShck16

    Root Factory Reset/New ROM

    Long story short, I've been without my phone since around the time of the official 2.2 update. I've had 2.2 for awhile but while my phone was in repair it was upgraded to 2.2. Anyway, I finally have it back and I've been trying to flash Cyanogen 6.0.2 back on to my phone. Here are my...
  22. NoShftShck16

    Froyo Factory Reset not a true reset

    Why a Froyo factory reset really isn't (plus, a fix for upgrade issues) | Android Central Its in reference to the X but I am going to factory reset tonight and see what happens... "If you're one of those folks who is less than pleased with your Droid X after the Froyo update, this...
  23. NoShftShck16

    Apps App/Info Request for App for Company

    We have a member management product for use at the front desk of member based businesses. We found out a client has been using a generic tablet with a web browser to check in students for his school on the go. We decided to start researching tablets that we would resell and support that would...
  24. NoShftShck16

    Battery Saver/Wifi Connections

    This just popped up my on my twitter... Y5 Battery Saver Keeps Wi-Fi On Only Near Trusted Spots When you connect to wifi, it'll remember the rough location (without GPS). Periodically it'll tap back into that location and if you are near it it'll flip on WiFi so you can connect. If you...
  25. NoShftShck16

    A Battery Report Thread

    forget it, was doing this originally for me and thought other people might benefit from it, guess not. delete please.