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  1. lilonex3

    Root LG lucid ICS SOURCE out finally!!!! ICS ROM now?

    LGVS840(Cayman)_Android_ICS_VS840ZV7_07.zip I kept my out for it like this -.O lol now hopefully we can get an ICS rom or something :D
  2. lilonex3

    Root What ROM are YOU using?

    just want to see what everyone is using and see what they think about it.
  3. lilonex3

    Root My Battery Guide and troubleshooting

    How to troubleshoot for battery life issues: Well I got tired of my battery dying faster than it normally was,if your like me you have TONS of apps on your phone.I tried EVERYTHING juice defender,2x battery,green battery etc.I went as far as getting droidwall thinking it was an app using the...
  4. lilonex3

    Root Msm_charger ?

    Anyone know what that is ? Under better battery stats.it shows as 69% of battery or as being on
  5. lilonex3

    Root Cell Standy battery drainage

    Anyone encounter this on their connect?Im on wifi at home but that still takes up a high percentage of my battery usage.Im on BP v2 of the kernel.I unplugged my phone and went about my normal morning routine,in 20 minutes it had drained to 93% my phone wasnt even being used,screen was off and...
  6. lilonex3

    Root Battery life WTF!

    This was the result of unplugging my phone at 12am(went to bed),going to work(8am) and using it sporadically throughout the day.A few texts here and there, a couple of calls,and was playing music with it all day.Please note that I had disabled 4g and was using evdo and 1x all day unless I...
  7. lilonex3

    Root Downgrade to b or stay c

    Just bought my wife an esteem for her birthday,she likes some of the roms,unfortuneatly it came as zvc.Should I try and downgrade to B ( to use the current roms,kernels etc) or stay C and wait for the upgrade to the roms,kernels etc?Will there be any upgrades to the current roms/kernels or are...
  8. lilonex3

    Root Few Problems

    As of late I have been having a couple problems with my indulge they are as follows: 1.Sometimes launcher pro force closes and gets stuck in a loop where it keeps asking me to force close.Cant do anything else because the pop up reappears immediatly after closing it.(had to restore from...
  9. lilonex3

    Root zipped rom issues

    Havent seeing anything in the forums about this.I recently rooted my gf's optimus m,got the recovery on it as well.When I go to install another rom they dont show up on the sd card.I have placed the zipped files in the root of the card.I cant flash roms any ideas?
  10. lilonex3

    Root update.zip

    anyone have an update.zip for 2.2 for the indulge? before the update preferably?trying to fix my phone after the update.Does any 2.2 froyo work on the indulge or is it indulge specific.?
  11. lilonex3

    Help Newupdate crashed phone

    Well I was listening to music today and out of nowhere I get a message about an update.So I go ahead with it and says to plug in if needed etc.I plug the phone to the usb charger,let it do its thing,it reboots and starts loading.So then it finally gets to the unlock screen and I notice it looks...