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  1. Motorola

    Moto Secure: 4 new features that combat top security threats

    Mobile security matters, and that’s why Motorola is adding four new features to Moto Secure, the go-to destination for all vital security and privacy features on your phone. The update allows users to feel confident in their data privacy, even in theft situations, protected against hackers while...
  2. Motorola

    Motorola celebrates the 10th anniversary of moto g family with 200 millions of units sold

    Today marks the remarkable milestone of Motorola’s 10-year journey in the mid-tier smartphone segment, and the numbers alone speak volumes. Over 200 million moto g devices have been sold worldwide. From the first moto g, we transformed the industry and along the way brought to life core brand...
  3. Motorola

    Introducing Moto Unplugged, designed to help users stay in the moment while staying connected

    Smartphones keep people connected to everything that matters and more, but sometimes users need to unplug and remove distractions. In recent years, Motorola has been tracking trends and has seen an increase in consumers, particularly younger consumers, that want to disconnect and have a...
  4. Motorola

    Motorola Edge+ Specs

    Display Size: 6.7” Endless Edge display Resolution: FHD+ (2340 x 1080) Display. Tech: OLED, DCI-P3 color space, 90Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ Aspect Ratio: 19.5:9 Body Dimensions: 161.07 x 71.38 x 9.6mm Body: 6000 series aluminum | Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 Ports: Type-C port (USB 3.1) with...
  5. Motorola

    The Real Razr Flip Test

    Motorola does extensive testing to make sure that our phones can withstand everyday use and last for years. Razr went through this testing in machines built specifically to simulate real-life use and we are confident in its durability.
  6. Motorola

    Motorola Android Updates!

    What Motorola Android Updates do you want to see on Android Forums? Let us know in the comments!
  7. Motorola

    Help Something weird has happened since I updated to 2.2

    My friends have been telling me they do not get some texts from me anymore. For example, I would be texting a friend, and he wouldn't get 2-3 texts that I sent. Also, if I send a large text convo, half the text in the convo gets cut out and my friends only receive some of that text...
  8. Motorola

    Help Droid X sending random texts to people... help!!

    This is getting very annoying! For example last night I went swimming. After my swim I got out and texted my friend "Hey man i'm done swimming, whats up"? Today I check my phone and I see that the same message got sent again randomly. I did not send the text again but somehow my phone re-sent...
  9. Motorola

    Help Putting movies on Droid X and playing via HDMI

    Do I need to convert movies to play with via HDMI on my TV? Or would any format work?
  10. Motorola

    Putting movies on Droid X and playing via HDMI

  11. Motorola

    Help Video in gallery freezes while playing

    So I put the movie Hot Tub Time Machine (.avi) onto my Droid X. Plugged the DX into my computer, selected USB on the phone, and went into DCIM -> Camera -> and dropped Hot Tub Time Machine into there. Now when I play it on my phone it freezes after like 4 secs and the sound goes off. However...
  12. Motorola

    Help How do I put videos from my computer onto the Droid X to play on my TV thru HDMI?

    I'm really new to Android and Droid phones in general. I'm trying to put a video (Hot Tub Time Machine) onto my Droid X so I can play it on my TV through HDMI. How do I go about doing this? Thanks!