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  1. icedtea

    Help disable software notification

    hi, i have googled some items, here is what i have done: ( S7 flat here) disabled: com.update configUpdater turned off notifications for: (disable not allowed) software update i am hoping that i will not see the prompt to download the new software update of my unit. . . About device...
  2. icedtea

    Help remove the update installation icon

    hi, any idea on how can i remove the UPDATE ICON on the upper left side? tried disabling the auto update and software update app but to no avail. . .
  3. icedtea

    LED notification alternative

  4. icedtea

    Help lollipop soft brick issue wants to go back to kit kat

    hi, the OTA lollipop update of my unrooted phone got an issue.. keeps on flashing the samsung logo.. i read that flashing to stock firmware can solve it.. too bad that even I flashed the stocked lollipop firmware, it did not solved the problem.. Now I want to go back to kit kat.. but I dont...
  5. icedtea

    Help camera failed for lollipop

    Ok. i have been reading articles about the "known issue" for this. .but i am hoping for a possible fix. . . here's what i already did 1. format and tried another SD card (sandisk) 2. tried using the internal memory for storage ------------so far, no failures experienced (i may try this again...
  6. icedtea

    Help mm-qcamera-daemon in 5.0 Lollipop camera issue

    anyone here having camera issues on the above? upon opening the cam, it just goes blank/blank.. i need to reboot unit everytime.. then upon checking battery stats, top app usage is mm-qcamera daemon.. unit is unrooted with lollipop OTA update. viber / wechat / fb msgr are installed...
  7. icedtea

    Help GO SMS users

    hi, for s5 GO SMS users in (lollipop version) have you noticed that if your GO SMS setting is set to NO VIBRATE, then even in the phone's vibrate mode, it does not vibrate when an SMS is recieved? (unlike with kitkat) any work around? i want to disable the VIBRATE SMS notification when my...
  8. icedtea

    default battery saver lollipop SM-G900F

    seems this model does not have the default battery option ? been following all suggested howtos in the net but cannot seem to find this menu option in the battery app settings. . . :(
  9. icedtea

    top battery hogger apps

    hi, just want to know your top battery hogger apps. . . i noticed mine: (aside from the frequent opening of phone / screen ) 1. viber 2. facebook 3. net browsing 4. wechat what's yours? :)
  10. icedtea

    touchwiz crashing .. using kitkat

    THis happens at least 2-3x a week (apps in home screen will disappear for seconds..). .. after opening my SMS app. . wondering why this happens. . .unit is UNROOTED. . . any ideas? phone details GT-I9505 4.4.2 --> upgrade via OTA Baseband --- I9505XXUFNBE Kernel --- 3.4.0-481100...
  11. icedtea

    wakelock detector alternative for UNrooted s4

    Please move to an updated thread if there is. . . Any suggestions? just got kiktat update and only ROOTED phones are able to access wakelock detector app. . any alternatives??
  12. icedtea

    Help lagging / slow phone response

    i have read and followed some of the advise here and other forums but seems could not find a good answer. . I did: 1. phone restart (will be ok but after x days,, lagging will start to occur again) 2. turned off the animation in developer options 3. minimal apps running.. 4. no...
  13. icedtea

    Help unlocking phone without pressing home/power button

    anyone here who as a workaround for not using the power or home button for unlocking your units? (like the LG G2) i have just tried TAP TAP APP and AUTO SCREEN ON from google play but they rely on the sensors.. (which seems a battery eater in quite a time) . .. any suggestions ? ;)
  14. icedtea

    Help error in upgrading firmware via KIES

    after selecting YES, continue after downloading the components, it will say
  15. icedtea

    Help Android OS being top battery eater

    Ok, I know the "screen" thing is usual. . no issues. Noticed that the Android OS/kernel is being the top notch source for eating my battery. left it at 80% upon sleeping.. phone locked. upon waking up its now 63%!!! 4.3 update was completed months back.. and i am not sure if this is the...
  16. icedtea

    Help battery saving apps for unrooted s4

    Hi, been searching for this type of thread but the ones I saw are seem to be outdated of posts. . Please move this If I missed the same. . Just want to ask the s4 users here.. are battery saving apps really worth? (for UNROOTED) units?? IF YES, then what are your recos?? I checked Juice...
  17. icedtea

    Help format phone/internal memory

    hi, tried searching on this forum but seems i could not match an answer on my issue. seems my phone/internal memory is busted. upon boot it just says, USB storage has unknown fs.. please format.. YES/CANCEL. i just let it flow on the notifiy area fearing that it would wipe the entire OS on...
  18. icedtea

    Help error mounting /emmc -- help :(

    any experiences on this? it just happend yesterday. no idea why. i just let my battery reached 0%. . charged it closed. .. opened after 10 minutes.. and then issue arised. cannot mount external and internal memory. . . tried searching several threads but seems no direct solution was given. ...
  19. icedtea

    Help sd card not recognized, just happened now

    wondering what happened. i just waited for my phone to be at 0% to off. charged the phone. . .open it after 10minutes. . then all of a sudden my sdcard is not detected anymore. i checked the storage setttings, there is an option to mount. i did.. but nothing happend. my ES file explorer still...
  20. icedtea

    Help how to know if battery is REALLY FULLY Charged?

    Hi Admin, please move this thread in a appropriate S2 thread as well if you feel this issue has been solved or have similiar concerns. 1. i have read the suggested / similar threads on this issue but seems no solution is proven. So i will stick in creating a new one. 2. i am using 4.1.1...
  21. icedtea

    Paranoid Android queries

    hi, some questions if we have users of paranoid here. 1. seems the new contacts could not be saved in the SIM card? tried importing the SIM contacts BUT NO CHOICE to save the number in SIM . . :( 2. what's the equivalent TASK MANAGER in paranoid? 3. the images taken from the camera will be...
  22. icedtea

    android firmware frequent upgrade : is it really necessary??

    hi, just wondering, is it really necessary to update the firmware from time to time? example, we have the GB 2.3.3 as the stock firmware (i believe) of the S2. . then came, 2.3.4 saying that i have a good battery life. . so i believe almost of all of us, upgraded to it. . . then comes 2.3.5 and...
  23. icedtea

    Help MIUI system vibration too weak/light

    hi, i am using MIUI RGUI 2.2.24 but just wondering. the vibration intensity when SMS comes is too light/weak. . i have configured the vibration settings of the phone but still no luck. . .i am using GOSMS but i did not encountered this on my previous ROM. . . just wondering if this is really the...
  24. icedtea

    Help process com.cooliris.media error

    i have read some suggestions on other sites and same here but seems it does not solved my problem. every time i click EDIT for a photo to be edited the error on the subject always shows. .. i did emptying of cach, clearing of data, deleting the cooliris.media folder and reboot, and even...
  25. icedtea

    Help RAM Usage issue

    hi, i have searched for memory issues, but fell down to the "storage" and not the RAM. .. just want to ask, is it common for the S2 to have big RAM usage after several hours of uptime?? just wondering i am just using facebook, gmail and some games but after closing them.. time comes that my RAM...