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  1. LincKraker

    Accessories Official Samsung Captivate Car dock

    BestBuy has the official car dock on their website now. 60 bucks and its not sold in stores. if anyone orders this thing please take pictures and maybe do a review. Thanks
  2. LincKraker

    Accessories Official Samsung Vibrant Car dock

    BestBuy has the official car dock on their website now. 60 bucks and its not sold in stores. if anyone orders this thing please take pictures and maybe do a review. Thanks
  3. LincKraker

    Accessories Official Samsung Epic 4G cardock

    BestBuy has the official Epic 4G car dock has anyone seen this? ordered it? if you have ordered it please take more pictures and maybe do a review.
  4. LincKraker

    Have you heard?

    no bird is not the word.... Sprint is changing their slogan from the Now Network to the Soon Network. Everything is coming soon. more Evo info is coming "soon". Nexus One info is coming "soon". Android 2.1 update for the Moment/Hero coming "soon" (actually they didn't say soon they said...
  5. LincKraker

    What we know about the 2.1 update for the Moment

    Release date: Sprint has said early second quarter 2010. That means April to mid May. What will the update bring to the table? (Speculation) - Google Navigation - Live Wallpapers - Ability to use the MANY 1.6+ apps - Voice Search - Voice Input - 3D gallery - Native CDMA support - Stability...
  6. LincKraker

    VZW N1 on Sprint?

    Since google is going to be selling the sprint N1 as well and the bands are the same, would the VZW N1 work on sprint right now?
  7. LincKraker

    vzw nexus one on sprint?

    since vzw and sprint use the same modes. could the N1 from vzw work on sprints network right now? i know "sprint doesn't activate phones they don't sell" well sprint is never selling the N1. Google is. there is almost no reason that it shouldn't work right? hardware is going to stay the...
  8. LincKraker

    Help Drivers extracted from Cl14 web update

    I've extracted the drivers from the web update if anyone wants them without having to download the whole thing. You can get them here.
  9. LincKraker

    Dropbox looking for Android Developer

    Dropbox is looking for an Android developer for the file sync software. Check out https://www.dropbox.com/votebox/3/android-app and Dropbox - Job Board - Android Developer for more info. On the 4th they said that an app would be coming soon. Well I just noticed they don't even have a dedicated...
  10. LincKraker

    Help Entire filesystem on SD Card

    glitch77 has posted about how he put the Moments entire file-system on his SD Card and is running his moment off of it. See the post here. He mentions that its not really fast enough for normal use right now and there isn't a reason for a normal user to do this. Right now this is only really...
  11. LincKraker

    Root I built a Kernel and successfully flashed it! Let the custom kernels begin!

    OK so it wasn't me it was peepsalot. for more info look here.
  12. LincKraker

    Auto upload of pictures to ftp

    Features - upload last picture taken with camera to FTP - take pictures every X secs - set name of picture on the ftp side with option to replace the current picture or add a number to the file name I plan on using it to upload the last picture taken with my camera to a blog or website. I had...
  13. LincKraker

    Root Apps you can remove while root.

    I didn't figure this out. I'm just making sure this community knows about it. These apps are stored in /system/app 286,261 amazonmp3_1.4+4_standard_signed.apk 1,153,198 Bejeweled.apk 122,360 Email.apk 1,944,896 im.apk 1,572,124 MoxierMail- 238,881 nascar09_prod.apk 295,646...
  14. LincKraker

    Help can't connect to phone via adb

    i've tried windows xp, windows 7, ubuntu, and debian. i've tried samsung new pc studio drivers, and any other set of drivers i could find. i've factory reset the phone but still cannot seem to connect. any help would be appreciated. can't find any instructions that work online anywhere.
  15. LincKraker

    Root Flashing the Moment

    There are steps and info on flashing the Moment here. The info originally came from here. Just thought I'd pass the info along. :)
  16. LincKraker

    Root Is Anyone Working on Rooting?

    So we've seen threads asking if/when the moment will be rooted. well i think its going to be awhile. mostly because i don't think anyone is working on rooting it. so i'm sure many of us would like to know if anyone is actually working on rooting the moment and if they need help from us? So? Anyone?
  17. LincKraker

    Moment FAQ! A guide to common questions.

    Samsung Moment User Guide Samsung New PC Studio How can I get yahoo mail to work? Thanks scotth501 My battery meter says only 30% after 3 hours. Is my battery bad? Where can I get the new Moment Update(CL14)? Where can I get USB drivers used for tethering via PDAnet? I want my phones MSL...
  18. LincKraker

    Help Moment Update

    Has anyone installed the update from Samsung for the Moment? stile65 posted asking if anyone had gotten into the bootloader i was looking into and saw the update hes talking about. but i found no info saying what the update actually does. i'm downloading the update right now using the PCstudio...