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    Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] mms not working on cm10

    Has anybody else had this problem I can't download pictures when people send them to me is there a way to fix that
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    Lg motion unboxing

    This Is a great phone and no lagg just had to show my unboxing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxGZB3yxyis&feature=youtube_gdata_player
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    Root Need Root

    is there going to be a root for this phone soon and at least overclocked it would be nice thanks:rolleyes:
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    MetroPCS Galaxy S3 fan page

    Galaxy S3 For MetroPCS | Facebook this is the fan page for the galaxy s3
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    Help Lg esteem broke will i be able to root my replacement phone?

    I droped my lg esteem on the ground when i got out the car and it hit the ground pretty hard i just want to know if i get a replacement phone i know its going to have the new ZVC is there a way to downgrade to ZVB? LG ESTEEM BROKE - YouTube
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    Root No 4G since i been using Basix 1.0

    Hi guys i really need your help i been using Basix 1.0 rom and its the best rom i ever used but for some reason i can not get my LTE to work worth my life i tryid everything i dial *228/**583385## and the anycut app i love the rom but if i cant have any 4G i just have to return back to stock i...