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  1. TobyKaos

    [Free/Game] Multi Brick Breaker a new way of breaking bricks

    Hello, my game Multi Brick Breaker is a new brick breaker with a new twist. You will play again an opponent to break more bricks than him. I hope people borned in 80s' and like clissic breaker will like it Description: Arkanoid? No, Pong? No more! Multi Brick Breaker is a mix of these two...
  2. TobyKaos


    Hello, If you are a beta tester you can join us on the g+ communauty and play for free to Jetpack High. What are the benefits of being part of the beta test team? You play first on Android to a whole new video game You do not pay the in-app game You might have something to...
  3. TobyKaos

    Help an indie game developer.

    Hello, some of you have already played to Eole and the paper ball and follow the thread This game is dead. Or I must say lost in the deeps of market. But it is the same. Then as indie game developer I will continue to develop game on Android because I like it. But I want to produce a game...
  4. TobyKaos

    [Game] Eole and the paper ball

    Hello, I come to show you my next game as indie game developer. For some years I work as freelancer and now I want to make my own game. What is Eole and the paper ball? Well it's a 2D platform game in which you need perseverance and skill to get to finish the first 30 levels included. The...