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  1. prairiedogn

    Can the inc4g be used on sprint?

    If so how? What needs to be done?
  2. prairiedogn

    Can the DNA be used on sprint?

    Can the DNA be used on Sprint? If so how? What do I need to do?
  3. prairiedogn


  4. prairiedogn

    Anyone ever feel like this?

  5. prairiedogn

    Anyone ever feel like this?

    Mod Edit: Extreme Language, NSFW
  6. prairiedogn

    Help Scratch removal

    Anyone have any good recommendations on getting scratches out of the screen?
  7. prairiedogn

    Root TWRP Holo Themes

    Its my pleasure to introduce to you Holo Dark and Holo Light themes for TWRP by thecoby please stop by and give him a thanks for developing these two themes and allowing me to port them to our great device. Original thread by thecoby http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=32933248...
  8. prairiedogn

    Google software Code

    I don't know how many of you know this or would ever need or want to use it but here it is. If your phone has issues for any reason that seems to be software related (Stock Software) you can dial *#*#2432546#*#* and hit send. Sometime within the next 36 hours Google will scan your phone to check...
  9. prairiedogn

    Root Splash Screens

    Requirements: You MUST be S-OFF Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for anything negative that happens to your device. I have tested these and proved them to be safe to flash Credits: Andybones for his original thread on Splash Screens that made me want to do this to begin with. Credit also goes...
  10. prairiedogn

    Root Anyone out there?

    Just wondering does anyone even come around the all things root forum anymore and if there was much sense in me starting anymore threads. I was thinking of putting up some splash screens and taking requests, anyone interested?
  11. prairiedogn

    Root Sense 4.1 custom Lockrings

    I've recently became obsessed with changing the Lockring after I had seen it done on other devices so I decided I was going to figure out how to create a custom lockscreen and this is the results. To revert back to stock just flash the stock ring.zip through recovery and all will be as it was...
  12. prairiedogn

    Donation of an Old used Ally anyone

    I am asking if anyone has an old used Ally that they are willing to get rid of for nothing? I know free is not so popular but I figured wouldn't hurt to ask. I have a few ideas and projects I would like to do with this phone.
  13. prairiedogn

    Root HTC TWRP Theme

    Here is a HTC TWRP theme for TWRP just create a "theme" folder within the TWRP folder and place the ui.zip within the folder. Download http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?l6q08g46vggzxoa
  14. prairiedogn

    Why this forum so damn dead?

    Loving this phone so I hate to see this forum so damn dead what gives people this phone has life now WE GOT ROOT!
  15. prairiedogn

    Root Why this forum so damn dead?

    This forum is so damn dead its pitiful I know theres not a lot going on in the root department yet but damn the phone is.coming alive.
  16. prairiedogn

    Sense skins

    Does anyone have a link or possession of some skins for sense 2.1 which I'm still sporting cause I'm pathetically still stock with s-on sadly yes and I'm tired of using other home replacement launchers so I was wanting to decorate my sense until we get this ics we've been promised.
  17. prairiedogn

    Android Anti virus to use or not to use

    Was wondering today if any of you current or past incredible 2 users believe in or use an anti virus for your Android device and if so which one? I personally don't and I have been advised by Android developers in the past that I'm safe since the Android OS is on a Linux system as long as I...
  18. prairiedogn

    What home launcher do you use?

    I know its been all over the forums before but was wondering with the array of new replacement launchers what everyone else is doing with there homes. Are you staying with sense or going astray? I'm using the modded 360 launcher from xda bouncing back and forth from a blur to a senseX theme.
  19. prairiedogn

    Root Flashing Roms after unlocking using HTC unlock

    Was wondering has anyone successfully flashed a custom Rom after using the HTC unlock method while still being S-on? I'm afraid to attempt to downgrade to get root & s-off so I'm thinking of trying the HTC tool.