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  1. JiMMaR

    [Prediction] Search dead, Menu dead, back button you are next !

    According to the android dev blog , the menu button is gone Android Developers Blog: Say Goodbye to the Menu Button At first , the search button was killed .. but some phones [Galaxy S] used the long press of menu button to trigger the search functionality, then came ICS and they introduced the...
  2. JiMMaR

    Apps [Tutorial] Simple AndEngine game

    Hey people I recently [yesterday] finished writing a step by step tutorial for creating a simple game using AndEngine, it's a good chance for you people who wanna start with game dev and got no idea where to .. you start from here give it a go and tell me what do you think...
  3. JiMMaR

    Apps streaming audio (asx , m3u , pls)

    I'm workin on an app that streams online radio (school project) but the thing here is , the only format I managed to stream was an mp3 file. is there a way to stream an asx file ? I failed with pls and m3u as well :( I used MediaPlayer mp = new MediaPlayer(); try {...