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  1. glitch32

    Root Downloading ROMs in RM

    I'm running RM v2.0.2.5 and when I try to download a new ROM, it gets most of the way through, then stops. Is there anyway to resume the downloading?? I've tried different ROMs with the same issue. Currently, I've downloaded SS 4.7 with the Watermark'd theme, and the ROM downloaded, but...
  2. glitch32

    ASE anyone?

    Anyone here use the Android Scripting Environment? What kinds of things have you done with it? What do you script in, Python?? Also, what does everyone think of the safety of the application? Thanks!
  3. glitch32

    Different permissions

    I downloaded Unit Converter, and noticed that the market said it needed no permissions, while the manage apps list on the phone said it needed to modify the sd card and read phone state. Not that this was a huge deal, but why would they be different?:confused: Anyways, how does everyone like...
  4. glitch32

    Missing Appmanager?

    After the 2.01 update, I seem to be missing the appmanager by zx128. When I checked the market, the only version I could find is for cupcake. Was it the 2.01 update? It seemed to work well on the 2.0 version. Anyone else have this issue? Just seems a little strange to me :confused:
  5. glitch32

    Hello from AZ

    Just got my moto droid a week after it came out. This is my first smart phone, I was waiting for Verizon to come out with something better and they did! :D Oh, and I am still waiting for the 2.01 update, so nothing in my area yet. Nice to meet everyone, I've been lurking this forum for a...