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  1. 1BryGuy2

    Is there a good messaging app?

    Looking for a good & secure Messaging app. Over the past year or 2 I have gotten very frustrated with the original one on my Samsung phone and a couple other ones i have tried. thanks
  2. 1BryGuy2

    Talk to Text issues....

    I have a Samsung 10E, Extremely frustrating when using talk to text more often than not it will put an "Is" or sometimes an "If" At the beginning of a given sentence that I am dictating, And it doesn't matter how slowly/clearly I speak. As well more often than not my sentences or portions of...
  3. 1BryGuy2

    Podcast, no Audio

    There is one Podcast I enjoy listening to and this past summer all of a sudden I can see it playing but there is no audio whatsoever and the best of my knowledge nothing has changed on my phone and I can listen to a few other podcasts that I enjoy and anything else perfectly well.... But just...