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  1. Devz

    Verizon Concession Analyzer App?

    Anyone know what this is? Is just randomly tried to install itself. I tried Google and came up empty on answers. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  2. Devz

    Help Need advice on new phone purchase

    Hello, I'm coming from a Galaxy S5. I've been eligible for an upgrade for over a month now. I'm on Verizon. The microphone on my S5 seems to be crapping out. People can only hear me on occasion. Most of the time they can't hear me at all. I like Samsung, as I've had the S3 and S5. Now, I've...
  3. Devz

    Help Zooming on Web browser

    I haven't downloaded one of the other browsers from the market yet, as I was always fine with the stock on my droid X and the gs3. One issue driving me nuts is the double tap zoom on the stock gs3 browser. On my X, when I double tapped, it reformatted the text on any webpage I was viewing to...
  4. Devz

    Help Taking picture while recording video?

    I tried to search the forums, but every search kept giving me a database error page. So, how do you take a picture while recording video? I've gone through all the settings I can find on the camera. Is this yet another feature that Verizon decided we didn't need? Any help is appreciated...
  5. Devz

    Help MyCloud/Splashtop

    Okay, I've had my TF for almost a year now. I still love the thing. I used Splashtop off and on in the last year, however in the last month I've been using it much, much more. My issue is, no matter how many times I log on, it continually asks me to input the password. I click the check...
  6. Devz

    Help Can't get Android Market to download/update apps

    Hello all, I finally purchased the 32gb Transformer today. Really loving the look and feel of it so far. I've got my google account (the same one I use for my Droid X), and WiFi all set up. The issue I'm running into at the moment, is that I can't get anything in the Android Market to...
  7. Devz

    Upgraded to the leaked Froyo? Motorola says no OTA updates for you

    No Path to Official DROIDX Update Coming from Motorola for Leaked 2.2 Users | Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog Ouch. Honestly, I saw this coming. Ah well. For those who upgraded, and still want the official release, flashing the phone back to stock is not all that hard from what I've read.
  8. Devz

    Transformers G1: Awakening

    I don't know how many folks are familiar with this game made by Glu. TRANSFORMERS G1: AWAKENING | Glu Games The gameplay is very much like the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS games "Advance Wars". I had purchased it for my LG Dare a year and a half ago, and fell in love. They've...
  9. Devz

    DC or DC++ App for Android?

    I don't know how many of you are familiar with DC (Direct Connect) or DC++, which are programs used to connect to "hubs" of people. The main purpose is filesharing, but I'm looking for an app that just lets me connect to chat. I've been a member of one hub for almost 10 years now, chatting...
  10. Devz

    Help Contacts not showing up properly

    Hello, Got my X today, had Verizon transfer the contacts from my Omnia to the X. (Backup Assistant was not available for the Omnia) Anyway, on the home screen, if I click the bottom right contacts button, none of my contacts show up, even under the different categories. Nothing in google...