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  1. DanSan

    K9Mail folder issues

    I was messing around with some settings in K9 and i set the folders to by synced with push and poll to "All" instead of default which is "1st class only". So now my spam box is also syncing and i really dont like that. every time i change it in the settings and then hit the back button and then...
  2. DanSan

    Droid "Does" stories

    so today made me real proud to own a droid, i finally got to show it off in its true light. first story started off in one of my classes. its in the basement and we only we wifi reception. i was talking to this kid next to me who owns an iphone about how i pulled up notes during the quiz last...
  3. DanSan

    Manually syncing facebook contacts w/phone contacts

    Ive read the constant threads where people say, just find the friend on facebook, hold press their icon and it will do whatever. doesnt work at all, the only thing happens is if i quick press i get the chooser to email them, or view their facebook profile. what im trying to do is manually sync...
  4. DanSan

    Shake Weight

    This was posted on my vw forums and i laughed my ass off.. figured u guys would get a kick out of it.. YouTube - Shake Weight Commercial #2
  5. DanSan

    droid video quality (video inside)

    recorded this at an islander game i went to the other night.. uploaded it to youtube right from my phone. when i go to the website to watch it, "HQ" doesnt want to work so i cant tell if the quality gets better. YouTube - Islander game noise meter
  6. DanSan

    Red light cameras

    just got a lovely ticket in the mail and its labeled "nassau county red light division" which is from the next county over. it was from the toys for tots cruise we had on the 5th. apparently there was a red light camera, which my escort 9500ix radar detector didnt pick up on and i got snapped...
  7. DanSan

    Help lock screen orientation

    got my droid 3 days ago, i honestly dont remember if it rotated landscape on the home screen by itself. i downloaded home++ right away and have all the orientations checked so it now does rotate landscape if i do so. my only concern was, and i honestly dont ever remember noticing or not. has...
  8. DanSan

    Help facebook updating, package not signed

    keep getting this error, package not signed correctly when i try to download facebook 1.1.2 on the market. im currently running 1.1.1 on my droid which i got 2 days ago and its not showing in my downloads under the market. like i said i keep getting this error when i try to download the...
  9. DanSan

    Help Facebook and phone contacts

    So got my droid today, and originally didnt set it to sync with facebook as i never really type in peoples last name so i wasnt expecting it to pull peoples info. the other night my friend showed me his droid eris and how he could manually go into each person contact on the phone and they...
  10. DanSan

    App Defaults

    Been searching like crazy, i knew i saw it somewhere but i cant seem to find it. i download handsent sms and i didnt set the "default" sms app. the notification no longer appears and inside the "application" setting screen i cant clear the default. i want to set the stock messaging icon to use...
  11. DanSan

    omfg getting my droid today!

    countdown to droid in less than 6 hours!! verizon store opens at 8am. i will be waiting for them to open the doors. get my droid, and im bringing my list of tons of apps and things i need to do (settings, etc) right off the bat. been reading these forums for like a month or so and ive been going...
  12. DanSan

    police scanner app?

    just curious if anybody knows if theres an app for this or anything in the works? My and i usually like to go mess around with some other dub owners around the island and he keeps the police scanner app out. its saved our butts a few times and would be awesome to have on my droid.
  13. DanSan

    Syncing a "gmail" account

    So this week my school switched over from using their own email servers and now they are using gmail for our emails. we still use, ouremail@sjcny.edu instead of using ouremail@gmail.com so im wondering is there a way i can sync this using the gmail app on the droid. will the gmail app not care...
  14. DanSan

    Hopefully switching

    hey guys, current have a blackberry curve 8330 on Verizon and have been looking to switch to android. Been really excited for the droid and hoping to get my hands on it when it comes out in a week or so. Pretty much been creeping on all the android forums and websites i could find to get some...