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  1. Gomez025

    What's the actual trade-in value for GS3?

    I'm confused, I was offered $299 for my GS3 a few weeks ago now I'm seeing people posting it for $199. I wanted to save up for the GS6 so I'm holding out a few more weeks. What's the trade in value right now? 2 or 3 hundred? If it's 200, why would they change the value now? Also, is it worth...
  2. Gomez025

    Help Micro SD card not being read

    Probably the same topic is out there somewhere, but I decided to act for help from you guys. I have a Lexar 8GB micro sd card I bought from Target a little over 2 years ago now and last night as I was recording a video for a message and during the process my phone notified me that my sd card was...
  3. Gomez025

    What will you do with your old phone?

    Now that all or at least most of us know about the GS3 coming to metro, what are you planning to do with your current handset if you upgrade soon? I was thinking of selling my esteem for a good cash but I think I'll give it to my Mom since she has an admire.
  4. Gomez025

    Help Spanish swyping bug?

    This might be a rare problem for some people because they don't text in spanish lol, but as I'm swyping a spanish word that has an accent over the vowel like "ni
  5. Gomez025

    Help Facebook forcing open

    I deactivated my facebook account on my mac last weekend then just went ahead and signed out of my FB app and ever since it's been force opening on the login screen 3-5 times everyday. I can't uninstall the app because it came preinstalled besides the social and IM crap. Any help would be...
  6. Gomez025

    Help What's keeping my phone alive?

    This happened recently but I just found out my phone screen randomly stays awake and doesn't sleep only when it's charging. I kinda assumed it had to do with the power settings from 360 launcher but that wasn't it. Someone told me to uninstall juicedefender but didn't work screen still stays...
  7. Gomez025

    The official lowdown on the LG Connect 4G

    The LG Connect has a dual-core processor 1.2GHz plus 1GB of RAM. It's a 4" NOVA screen with corning Gorilla glass with a 5MP rear camera with flash and a VGA face-front camera. No HDMI output. The Connect weighs in at 4.83 oz comparing to the Esteem at 6.06 oz. The dimensions are...
  8. Gomez025

    Help Vibrating messages while on a call

    Maybe I'm missing something here but when I'm on a phone call, I can feel the vibration buzzing in my ear when I get a text message and it's annoying. My phone isn't on silent mode I have it on the lowest volume. I have vibration only when NOT in silent mode. Should I be getting vibrating...
  9. Gomez025

    The right charger?

    So I've had my Esteem since it came out but I have a habit of using different chargers whenever I see one at home since most phones if not all, use micro usb chargers. My question is, should I stick with my LG charger because it seems shorter but it actually charges my phone quicker than most...
  10. Gomez025

    Help Esteem discharging......while CHARGING!??

    So I understand this phone packs quite a punch when it comes to multi-tasking and 4G speeds (which all works very well) but when I'm watching Netflix on my esteem while the phone is charging, it still discharges!!! :mad: This is probably the only and MAYBE the biggest problem I'm having with...