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    why can't I Sbeam music files with the S4

    When I had my S3 me and my buddy would tranfer music to each other using Sbeam all the time. Now that I have the S4 it won't work. Did they remove the feature?
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    Root Help my gps won't lock on with bamf RC 4.9

    Yea I don't know whats going on but I use my phones Nav a lot but today I noticed when I tried to use it to find directions it will not lock at all. So I figured maybe this MR2 radio isn't that great so i updated to the new official radio and it still won't lock? What's going on?
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    Root wiling to pay someone in the Jersey area to root and put on latest sense/GB Rom on Thunderbolt!?

    If there is anyone in the Central to Northern Jersey area that could help me out that would be cool? Just name your price. I have owned other android devices in the past where I have rooted and did the whole custom rom thing in the past but the Thunderbolt seems a lot harder than those so I'm a...
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    Root I don't understand how the Evo and the Inspire 4G can get full working sense 3.0 but we can't?

    I mean the thunderbolt has newer hardware than the Evo and has about the same hardware as the Inspire 4G yet the Thunderbolt can't get any smooth running Gingerbread Roms with full Sense 3.0 like they have? What's the obstacle that makes it so much harder for the Thunderbolt?
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    How is launcher pro compared to Sense?

    Is it faster, slower, smoother. Was thinking of trying out launcher pro but if I'm gonna pay for something I need more than 15 mins to try it out.
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    Thinking about switching from Thunderbolt to Droid Charge. Good idea?

    Also can you use date while using voice on 3G like the Thunderbolt.
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    Question for your Inc. 2 users

    Do you guys have the new SVDO chip like the Thunderbolt. Meaning can the Dinc. 2 use voice and Data at the same time? I read that Verizon was going to start doing that with all their phones now but I didn't hear anything about the Dinc 2 having the capability
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    Root Has anyone put the new Gingerbread Keyboard on there Rooted Incredible yet?

    Just wanted to know if it works?
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    Root Incredible owner that has a question about rooted Fascinates

    I love the look and feel of the Fascinate and am due for an upgrade. The only thing turning me off from this phone is the forced Bing and the fact that its still on 2.1. As my incredible has 2.2 and has been since I rooted it. Now as a rooted user I wanted to know if you guys solved the force...
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    Root would like to try out the new Verizon app store but dont want to change my Rom

    I have the frankenrom b6. Been happy with it ever since I got it and havent felt to need to change from the ROM. I know there is an update coming out tomorrow with some Verizon bloatware. I don't really care about the other stuff but the Vcast app store because I want to see if they offer any...
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    Is there any Verizon front facing camera phones coming?

    will there ever be a front facing camera phone coming for the holidays? My new every two is coming up but I want my next phone to have a front facing camere
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    can you get rid of all that bing stuff without rooting?

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    Help can you get rid of all that bing stuff without rooting?

    I was gonna by a Fascinate when i get my new every 2 but the /forced Bing is a huge turn off. I'd like my Google Android phone to be exactly that, a Google Android phone.
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    When is Verizon gonna bring out a phone with a front facing camera?

    I mean every other network is starting to do it. Restrict it only to wifi if u have to!
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    Help Why cant I download the new GMAIL?

    For some reason when I try to download gmail on my incredible it keeps saying unable to install? Why? I can't even erase the old gmail app.
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    the PSX games wont work for me on my emulator

    Ok I have a HTC Incredible...I have the psxdroid app. I downloaded a couple BIOS files for the app. when I pic them I keep getting a message that say "have to specify file type in Settings" or something like that. What am I doing wrong. I've asked the developer with no response and I went into...
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    Root Help my phone all of a sudden keeps rebooting itself

    Ok I dont know whats going on but one day I was opening an MMS a friend sent me and my phone kept getting force closes. So I did a batter pull tried to start the phone and it just kept going in a cycle of endless reboots. Now I have the Frankenrom b6 rom. A rom which up and till this point...
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    Root wifi tether app wont work

    My WiFi tether app doesn't work with my Frankenrom why?
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    Help Is there a way to make custom notification sounds on the incredible?

    Also can I use a different ringer on my phone alarm?
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    Root How do I fix my GPS? I have the Fankenrom_B6 and I never changed my radio.

    Everything works great. No force close. Fast. Camera works. Just my gps wont work. And I use my GPS alot. Help!!!!
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    Root Does anyone have the file for Frankenrom B5?

    I have been trying to apply the file I have to my phone all day and it hasn't been working. Maybe I have a corrupt file.
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    Root what is the most stable froyo rom that has sense and GPS and mms still work?

    I just want something stable and still has sense. I'm noob to rooting and just rooted it so now I'm looking for a Froyo rom
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    Root If you live in the New Jersey area I'm willing to pay you to root and add Froyo to my phone

    So can someone help me out? Name the price.
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    Root What is the easiest and most idiot proof way of getting Froyo 2.2 and root my incredible.

    Let's pretend I'm a 5 year old kid and have no idea what the hell ADB and NAND and all that other hoopla is. Can someone explain to me how to get 2.2 on my phone. I don't care about all the custom roms unless it has 2.2. I am a non technological person with a non rooted incredible.
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    Root help on rooting

    I need the easiest route to root an HTC incredible. I'm not a technical expert. Please help. Easiest way.