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  1. welbinator

    Pixel 1 launcher

    Anybody else HATE the Pixel 3 launcher? I would love it if I could revert back to the Pixel 1 launcher. I'm tempted to try some 3rd party launchers but with the Pixel 3 only having 4GB of RAM I'm a bit hesitant to push it's boundaries.
  2. welbinator

    Root bizfeed

    So I think the new bizfeed or whatever it's called is pretty cool. I'm hoping it will support Google plus soon. Anybody hear anything about that? Is there a way to enable it I just don't know about yet?
  3. welbinator

    Root factory reset

    Right now, when I boot my phone up, it says "This build is for development purposes only blah blah blah" I want to return my phone, because the power button is sticky, but my phone is in this developer mode, and it's unlocked and what-not. How do I put my phone back to stock so verizon...
  4. welbinator

    Root help with ROMs

    Hello, I'm using a droid X as my backup phone, as my DNA is on the fritz. I tried installing a custom ROM. I downloaded one from Rom Manager, chose "backup current ROM" and chose "wipe data and cache" and then selected reboot and install. it happened way too fast. definitely not enough time...
  5. welbinator

    Root updated to 4.2, now bricked

    anybody have a link to the full stock ROM I can try and sideload onto my phone? I updated to 4.2 and I'm stuck on the htc quietly brilliant screen.
  6. welbinator

    Root scared to mod...

    so I rooted my DNA finally. (new super user icon is ugly. I miss the cool ninja from the old days) got S-off and isntalled CWM recover. Even made a backup while I was in there. Before I go doing something silly like installing a cyanogenmod nightly, is this going to be like it was with...
  7. welbinator

    Root CM Nightlies

    I've never been brave enough to install a nightly, but that's all that's available for the DNA. Anybody using the nightlies? Worth it? Fairly stable?
  8. welbinator

    Root CyanogenMod Inc

    You guys hear about this? I'm sure you have. I haven't even rooted my DNA yet, haven't felt a need to, but this has me excited to root, update, break, recover, rinse and repeat! I'm excited. itiswhatitis.biz | This is a blog about nothing, and everything. (but mostly nothing)
  9. welbinator

    Help google made me change my password

    So, Google made me change my password. said there was suspicious activity on my account. never told me what kind of suspicious activity....but anyway they made me change my password. Shouldn't I need to change the password on my DNA now? I mean, I signed into it with my google account, on...
  10. welbinator

    review of DNA

    what do you guys think of this guys review? agree? vehemently disagree? I agree. I love the phone, despite it not working well with my Jam speaker. http://www.itiswhatitis.biz/1/post/2013/05/htc-dna-verizon.html
  11. welbinator

    Root exchange email

    So I added my work email to my phone and now it requires a stupid screen unlock. Either a pin or a password. Anybody know any way to get around that?
  12. welbinator

    Help bluetooth

    So, I'm a little surprised to see nobody complaining about this in this forum. Is nobody here having the bluetooth issue? I am, and it's actually quiet irritating. I use BT alot (atleast I used to). This phone has pretty much rendered my Jam speaker completely useless. I told myself I...
  13. welbinator

    DNA to HDMI

    What do you guys recommend for connecting my DNA to my HDMI T.V.? I used to have a Bionic and it was awesome because it had the micro HDMI port. Will this thing work fine for our phone? MHL Micro USB to HDMI Type A Male Cable for HTC EVO 3D Sensation XE XL Droid DNA | eBay
  14. welbinator

    Nexus 4 verizon

  15. welbinator

    Nexus 4 verizon

    So, I think we've all pretty much become used to the idea that the amazing Nexus 4 will never hit verizon. (Ok I can't lie, I'm still not over it) But just for curiosity's sake, does anybody know WHY this is happening? I was given a nexus 4 to borrow for a couple months while I was a Google...
  16. welbinator

    Help apex launcher

    anybody having issues with apex on their rezound? my wifes rezound is. she turn her phone on and none of her icons show up (not even the apps icon). the only way to get into her apps, is to pull down the notification menu, go to quick settings, hit the settings button, and go to apps, and...
  17. welbinator

    Help new rezound, no data

    complete re-edit: when I try to add my wifes AOL account to her "mail" app, when connected with wifi it tells me to "Please turn on mobile network to set up account. my data is turned on. When I turn off wifi and try to add the AOL account it says "401 Unauthorized". what the crap?
  18. welbinator

    Help contact customization

    Hey guys, I'm wondering, I really hate when I get a notification and I can't tell if it's a text message, email or facebook update. Is there any way to change the notifications so they are different for email, facebook and text? Also, I can change the ringtone for contacts, could I change...
  19. welbinator

    Root widgets require root??

    I just tried to add a widget to my wife's homescreen on her new rezound, and it told me I needed root access to do that. What the hell?
  20. welbinator


    ok, so I know how to print using google cloud print. But, my phone has "printer settings" in the options. I found my printer, and even printed a test page successfully. Now, how do I print a document from my phone via the ICS Print, NOT cloud print? Thanks!
  21. welbinator

    hole on back of bionic

    so I've had this phone for almost 2 years now, and I just noticed there is a small hole on the back of the bionic. what is it for? it's a hole in the cover, but it seems to be covered by some kind of tape on the phone itself.
  22. welbinator

    Root need to return to pure stock

    Ok, I need to return to full stock, so that my phone can accept any legit software updates from verizon/motorola wherever they come from. which file should I use? is it 905? I'm on .232 right now.
  23. welbinator

    Root .232

    I'm still on .232. Last I heard, if I went any higher I wouldn't be able to go back or something. So I stayed at .232 to be safe. Is there anything better that I can upgrade to that will allow me to go back if I want? Or are we still stuck at this point? I like ICS, but this leaked...
  24. welbinator

    Root 232 > 235

    can we FXZ from .235 yet? I'm running .232 right now and it's pretty good but it's very laggy. There is a noticible pause pretty much anytime I click on something. I was hoping maybe .235 would be smoother but I don't want to be stuck with it.
  25. welbinator

    remote android

    Hey guys, was thinking about something. Is there any way to use one android device to "remote into" another? So like, my Bionic could be in one room, and I could use my Evo View to remote into it, and operate my Bionic via my tablet? or visa versa? I'm pretty sure apple users have this...