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  1. bigshotproducer

    Root P3Droid's Odin Maker

    Anyone used this yet? I bought it, but haven't used it yet...looking to see if anyone has a review?
  2. bigshotproducer

    Root 2.2 SC 2.9.1 Ad blocking not working?

    Hey all, wife's Fascinate is on 2.2, Superclean 2.9.1 -- and recently AdFree stopped working. Not a huge deal, except for on Angry Birds...anyone have a solution? Thanks.
  3. bigshotproducer

    Root Gingerbread for Fascinate Leak

    I didn't see this anywhere here so thought I would share. [ROM][ODIN][EC09][6-19-2011]TouchWiz Gingerbread Leak! [ROM][ODIN][EC09][6-19-2011]TouchWiz Gingerbread Leak! - xda-developers
  4. bigshotproducer

    Root Um, my have a brick on my hands.

    So, I installed CM7. Made a back up for when it's out of beta. Grabbed TBH's All in 1 GB 596, followed the wiping instructions, rebooted and now I am stuck at the M. No biggie right? So I pulled battery, put it back in, hooked up to wall charger to get into CM Recovery...and it just sat at...
  5. bigshotproducer

    Help OTA GB Black Screen/Now Flickers

    So, Friday...told a co-worker -- who is 100% stock he could pull the OTA. He did, and then when it booted back up -- his home screens would appear for a moment, then go black from the notification bar down. Completely unresponsive. He did a few battery pulls and let it sit for a few hours. He...
  6. bigshotproducer

    Root .596 sbf file!!!

    Just saw tweet from P3Droid. Team Black Hat Full DX GB file leaked, TBH verifies its authenticity and the ability to sbf back to Froyo. OG Link Gingerbread SBF for Droid X - xda-developers and Direct Link Get VRZ_MB810_4.5.596_1FF_01.sbf.gz on Wupload.com get support for...
  7. bigshotproducer

    Root A little help please.

    So, my buddy's getting his wife a Fascinate tonight -- we want to root it/lagfix it before he gives it to his wife. Can someone help me out with the correct steps on that?
  8. bigshotproducer

    Data Plan Promotional Discount?

    Saw a bunch of tweets today saying "vzw custs: call, ask 4 loyalty dept. ask 4 the data promotion- $10 off per line 4 data" Anyone tried this yet? Thanks!
  9. bigshotproducer

    Root Okay, messed up Co-workers Phone

    So I updated my co-workers from from 2.2 Rooted to GB 596 Rooted. Then, like a fool...tried to deodexed give him the CRT mod. But then realized once the FC's started - he wasn't deodexed. Grr...Dumb move I know. So Can I just flash the Deodexed zip and fix this or did I screw him royally...
  10. bigshotproducer

    Root 2.2 .340 rooted to ota?

    Okay, my co-worker is on the Froyo .340 Rooted. If he takes the OTA when it comes -- will he have to re-set up all his home screens? I've tried telling him he'll lose root, but I can keep him w/ root with a data/cache wipe, but he doesn't want to have to do that. But now I'm questioning if...
  11. bigshotproducer

    External Hard Drive

    Hey all, looking to grab an external hard drive this afternoon. But before I head out, I thought maybe some folks out there my have some suggestions and/or ones to stay away of? Looking to at Least 1TB. Thanks!
  12. bigshotproducer

    Root Root Explorer Help?

    Hello everyone. First -- GB .595, Watermark Theme. I want to get back the AOSP Clock/Alarm as well as AppWidgetPicker. I have both files on my SD card. So, I grabbed Root Explorer to move them to the System/App folder. But when I try and copy them in there, it says the permissions are...
  13. bigshotproducer

    Root ISSUE: Always rebooting to CWM??

    If I power off phone and boot it back up -- it boots straight to CWM Recovery. It doesn't do it if I use reboot with Quickboot, but did when I rebooted through Droid Overclock App. Any thoughts on why it wants to boot to CWM at times?
  14. bigshotproducer

    Root 2.2 Update from SuperClean Rom

    Hey all, so my wife is on SC Rom, but once I told her to "official" update is out -- she wants it. She's had battery/clock lag issues on SC. So....are there steps I need to do to make sure the OTA will work for her once it's available? Or can we just update and lose root/rom? Thanks!
  15. bigshotproducer

    Regina 3D Launcher Anyone?

    Video: Regina 3D Launcher Laughs at SPB Mobile Shell - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog Anyone else check this out? I've been running it most of the afternoon/evening....and it's pretty nice. I really like the secret workspace!
  16. bigshotproducer

    Help GB and Clock Lag?

    Hey all -- so the other night, I unlocked my phone (GingerRooted) and the BW clock on my lock scree was about 20 min off from the real time. When I unlocked -- BW quickly snapped to the correct time. Ugh...My wife's Fascinate is having this same issue and it's causing her alarm clock not...
  17. bigshotproducer

    Root [tip] lpp & blur app drawer

    Caught this over on MDW from Prevlin. "If you are wanting to use LPP but still have th blur app drawer you can rerout your app drawer icon to the blur app drawer. Just long press your LPP app drawer icon click app groups and youre done. you now have the blur app drawer while using LPP."...
  18. bigshotproducer

    Root [THEME] Gingercomb with a touch of Juice - 2.3 Gingerbread Theme

    [THEME] Gingercomb with a touch of Juice - 2.3 Gingerbread Theme Saw this over on MDW. Cheers!
  19. bigshotproducer

    Root Alarm Clock Problem w/ SC2.9

    Hey all, my wife is running SC2.9. She just started having the clock lag problem and has overslept twice this week. Let's just say she's pissed. Clock on lock screen says one thing but once you unlock phone, it corrects itself? I've seen that Beautiful Widgets may be the culprit, but others...
  20. bigshotproducer

    Root Spoke Too Soon....bootloop'ed

    So, rebooted after installing GBRooted zip. Now bootloop. Pulled batt. bootloops continue. Tried holding home + power to get to stock recovery, but when the droid/triangle comes up and i push search....nothing....help?
  21. bigshotproducer

    Root 1st SBF! You ALL Rock!!!

    I just did my 1st SBF. Scary moments at first. Failed 1st time. But, did some searching & reading here and low and behold....all the answers I needed! Thanks for being such an amazing group of people so willing to help and take the time!
  22. bigshotproducer

    Root [ROM][12.21.12][SC 2.8 End of the World Edition]2.6.32 Voodoo and Nonvoodoo

    [ROM][12.21.12][SC 2.8 End of the World Edition]2.6.32 Voodoo and Nonvoodoo Over at xda - [ROM][12.21.12][SC 2.8 End of the World Edition]2.6.32 Voodoo and Nonvoodoo - xda-developers :D
  23. bigshotproducer

    Root Custom Kernel over stock rom??

    Sorry, I don't have time to shuffle through the forums. Can I flash a custom kernel over stock rooted rom and be okay? Thanks, gotta help a co-worker.
  24. bigshotproducer

    Root SC 2.4 Battery Life......ugh

    Anyone having issue with battery draining like crazy? Looks like the phone won't sleep.....ugh.
  25. bigshotproducer

    Root Clockwork 3.0 Update

    Hey all -- thanks for being so helpful here first and foremost. Now, I, like an idiot, flashed Clockwork 3.0 ( orange ). Now it doesn't seem I can get to the older version (red) I can get to (green) just fine. I tried flashing the earlier version from Rom Manager, but I just get download...