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  1. jwither

    A Verizon firmware update is available

    I don't know when this came out. Checking for a software update from the phone still shows my N3 is up to date, but after seeing someone on XDA mention an update coming out today from Verizon, and nothing else from that user, I connected the phone to a PC I'd installed Kies on, and was greeted...
  2. jwither

    Post photos taken with your Note 3

    I'll start.
  3. jwither

    How to "Air browse"

    I posted this in the "Verizon owners" thread, and since it took a bit to figure out how it worked, and several YouTube reviewers never got it right, I thought it might be worthy of a new thread. The biggest issue with Air Browse is that it only works in a select few applications, like the...