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  1. drdoom

    Anyone getting Low Memory notifications from Tasker?

    For the past few days, I have been getting low memory warnings from Tasker when switching back and forth between a couple of apps (Pulse, web browser, music). I was hoping that low memory wouldn't be a problem on a phone that has 1GB of RAM since I rarely got the warning on the Incredible. I...
  2. drdoom

    Question about battery.

    Does the GNex run from battery when it is on the charger? For instance, on my Incredible, it will charge to 100%, run on the battery until around 80% and then start charging again. It is manageable, but really annoying. Is it possible to remove the battery from the GNex while charging and have...
  3. drdoom

    Retiring an old computer.

    Had to break my new Mossberg 500 in, so I figured I'd take care of a problem while doing it. Didn't think it did too bad for using #7 birdshot from 25 yards. Any newer computer probably wouldn't have held up as well. :) Time to upgrade - YouTube
  4. drdoom

    Transformer or Galaxy Tab 10.1?

    I'm really tempted to pick up a HC tablet with the $100 off deal that Staples is currently running. I realize that by posting this in the TF section, I will probably get bias towards it. I've been reading through both sections, and both seem to be excellent devices. I'll be using both...
  5. drdoom

    I need proof of the original retail value of the Incredible

    I was led to believe that Squaretrade will cover the cost of the warranty based on the coverage price that you paid ($600 in my case). However, looking through the terms, I noticed that they will only reimburse the purchase price of the phone, which means that I almost lose money by having the...
  6. drdoom

    It was only a matter of time.

    Verizon to Offer $30 Unlimited Data Plan for iPhone ... at First - FoxBusiness.com Looks liked tiered data is coming our way after the iPhone craze dies down some.
  7. drdoom

    This looks like a great tablet but...

    I am disappointed that this doesn't have usb support.
  8. drdoom

    Root Problems installing apps through market

    Since I flashed some of the 2.2 ROMs, I have noticed that installing/updating apps from the market is hit or miss. Right now, I have two apps that are fully downloaded but aren't installing for some reason. They are showing up in the market as 100% downloaded and just stuck on that. Any ideas...
  9. drdoom

    Video Playback

    I have some videos that I have encoded for use on my iPod. I'd love to get them working on the DI; however, only the audio works when they videos are going. Tried it using the stock video player and the Act 1 player. I converted them using Handbrake as mp4 videos. I have been poking around with...