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  1. jeffyo

    Root Funny how v3 leakers are rooting with replacements now

    I'm one of them but thought it was interesting to see some of the most active users who jumped at V3 leak went root. Don't blame anyone for doing it either. :D
  2. jeffyo

    Why is Signal strength weird in 2.1 versus 1.5???

    I would like to know. Not even rooting helped the difference in signal from 1.5 to 2.1 (nonroot or root versions) One theory is that the 2.1 signal values are different and thus report a difference in signal in the bars and in settings.
  3. jeffyo

    Get 2 days of battery on your Eris --> follow this tip

    This is explained by our Eris guru Caddyman here along with many other tips for optimizing battery. The most important of the tips was to disable mobile networks in settings-->wireless settings--->Mobile network. Uncheck this when you don't need your data. I made a shortcut to wireless...
  4. jeffyo

    Verizon/HTC-->OTA 1.6 for Eris Coming 1/22

    evil. Well, why not? Seems like everyone has some expectations for 2.x but I will be realistic and want something that will offer GoogNAV and improved phone use. I have a feeling 2.x will just dissapoint us Eris users. I want some improvement to the current system to were I can use my...
  5. jeffyo

    Headset staying on after latest OTA...

    I've noticed when I plug in my headset it stays on with a slight hiss. I can just see the battery draining as long as my headset is plugged in. Can anyone confirm this? It just started after the latest OTA.
  6. jeffyo

    Manual Vs. OTA update poll. Show of problems

    Just to gauge how well the different methods of updating are going. Post if you had any issues and select your poll option that relates to you. We can find out which methods works best.
  7. jeffyo

    Planning to Root. Don't update. Something may be coming.

    I stumbled across this, not sure it's source or validity. Found here If nothing comes by the end of the year I suppose updating wouldn't be a problem since the next major update doesn't come until Jan or later. For now, I'll be holding off on the update and waiting to see what happens...
  8. jeffyo

    Don't worry we'll get our update too! :P

    Don't worry my fellow Eris owners we'll get ours too this Friday. I'm kinda excited for the improvements. Here is a list of the improvements we are expecting. 1. SMS blanks msgs sent - fix 2. MMS - Improve pic/audio transmission 3. camera MMS error fix 4. MMS cannot display fix...
  9. jeffyo

    terrible performance when using bluetooth stereo!

    Just as the title says. Anyone see this too?
  10. jeffyo

    Bored Thread

    Bored. Trying not to fall asleep in class. Anyone else doing that right now too?
  11. jeffyo

    ADC2 - Winnings posted

    Android Developer Challenge Check them out. I've downloaded what I could although some are not available on Eris on Verizon.
  12. jeffyo

    Weak Bluetooth Stereo S9 Motorola

    Anyone experience weak bluetooth connectivity with the Eris? My stereo bluetooth headset gets choppy even if it's a few feet from my phone. I don't know if it's the phone's bluetooth signal or the headset. If the phone is in my pocket and I'm walking the shake from my step causes the signal...
  13. jeffyo

    Speed Tests on Eris POST EM UP

    This is from an app in the Market --> speedtest.net app. Behind a concrete wall with 2 to 3 bars.
  14. jeffyo

    Eris vs. Moto Droids - What the owners are Saying.

    It seems to me that more Eris owners are happier with their phones than the Motorola Owners. I am a Eris owner after trying both phones and instantly knew the Motorola Droid, even with it cool now Google NAV, was not going to make me happy. Rather, it probably would have really frustrated...
  15. jeffyo

    Early adopter woes...

    So far as an early adopter I'm not as impressed as I thought I would be. I think the release of the G1 would have been better if they had spent some more time on beefing up the hardware. Cons 1. The phone itself is flimsy and not what I would think as sturdy. 2. The OS is slow due to...
  16. jeffyo

    How DO they get unlock codes?

    Just wondering if anyone knows, what is the method certain sites, without advertising them, employs to get unlock codes? Did they figure out the algorithm that spits out the codes? Why would they charge for something that should be free? (Stupid question, but I'm cheap) Anyone wanna try to...