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    Who has signal as good as VZW?

    I switched from Sprint to VZW over a decade ago because I travel all of north America and need a reliable signal for business. I am wondering if 10 years later, AT&T or T-Mobile has coverage as good as Verizon all over the 50 states and Canada. Saw only one recent post on the topic and it said...
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    Help Pixel 4a 5G muting without activating mute

    My Verizon Pixel 4a 5G has a frustrating issue. While I am on a longer phone call, it sometimes mutes my end of the conversation. To be clear, the MUTE button is NOT activated. It is just the callers suddenly can't hear me even though I can hear them. When I look at my screen the phone call is...
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    Help Pinning share apps changed my share option and I can't get it back

    I just got a Pixel 4a 5G. It has android 11. I learned you can change what apps are pinned to your share sheet. I pinned 4 apps and now my share option has changed. When you first click on the 3 dot menu in Chrome a page shows up with lots of options. One is SHARE but it also has an icon next to...
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    Help Android Messages app stopped making sounds when texts arrive

    The stock google messages app (for texting) on my Moto G(7) Power just lost functionality. Up until now when a text message arrived a special ring tone I installed would play. The app got an update on 11/19 and now it makes no sound when a text arrives. As you can see in the attached screenshot...
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    Help S7, S7 edge, or 6P

    Trying to decide if I should replace my 4 VZW S5 phones with an S7, S7 Edge or the Nexus 6P. My only two concerns with phones are battery life and how quick does each screen load. Ever since I upgraded my S5 to Lollipop it has been slower than it was. My brother says the only difference between...
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    Font on Poweramp not large enough.

    I use poweramp but I can't read the song name without my glasses. Is there a skin or a different good music player that has large fonts?
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    Is there a USB sync for MS office files?

    I want to keep some MS office documents synced between my Windows laptop and my android devices. i am certain there is a cloud solution to this but I would prefer NOT to have these confidential files in the cloud. Is there an old fashioned USB sync option? Searching the forums turns up only...
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    Help Galaxy S3 is much slower than it used to be

    My Verizon Galaxy S3 is much slower to do certain tasks then it used to be. I have had it for one year. Most of the slowness is in more complex apps like my calendar or airline apps but even texting is an issue. It used to be when I opened the stock messaging app all of my past posts would show...
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    Help Any fix for low headset volume on Nexus 7 2013?

    I have a stock (non-rooted) Nexus 7 2013. Using the android or the MX player the headset volume on max is not very loud when I am in a noisy environment. Searching the two threads here and google it seems like the apps that exist for non rooted didn't work as of August. Has any fix been found...
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    Help S3 automatically goes to mute

    Can't find a solution to this problem though I have found threads where it was discussed. My wife's Galaxy S3 goes to mute from full volume automatically. She is not hitting the volume button to cause this. Sometimes it does it within minutes of her turning the volume back up. I read some...
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    Help Does ICS update cause dropped calls and trouble being heard?

    My wife says the ICS update has caused calls to drop and has also caused callers to ask "Are you in the car" because apparently they can't hear her correctly sometimes. I have read tons of ICS posts in this Sprint SII forum (that is what my wife has) and I see no mention of dropped calls or...
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    international data roaming in Canada

    I travel routinely to Canada and learned the hard way that I need to keep international data roaming off most of the time. Searching the forums I found how to use AnyCut to make a shortcut to toggle network settings but I couldn't find the following: (1) Is there a way to create an anycut...
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    Contact photos showing up in gallery of photos

    A search of threads did not reveal where my particular problem has ever been addressed. I have a Motorola Photon 4G on sprint. I sync my Outlook contacts via USB (no google sync) and all of my photos are with my contacts like they should be. However all of my contact photos also appear as...
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    is there a holster for Photon with Extended battery?

    I just bought a 3500ma battery with new back plate. Obviously it will no longer fit my Otterbox but I got tired of having it in the otterbox anyways. Is there such a thing as a plastic holster without any kind of case that would allow me to clip the phone into the holster with no case? I assume...
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    any way to get Gmail to POP on phone versus sync?

    I don't like the fact that if I open a gmail on my phone and delete it then it won't download to outlook later. Is there any way to setup normal pop mail on android for a gmail account? This way I could tell it to leave messages on the server versus sync?
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    USB Sync ALL outlook (or any CRM) data to Android

    I am posting this for people like me who wish to sync Outlook contacts, appointments, tasks, and memos with Android and don't want to use the cloud. If you are not interested in paying $49 for software, stop reading because I am going to recommend CompanionLinkand it costs $49. First the...
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    Help Can you select text in an email

    How do you select text in gmail on the MoPho? The instructions for other phones require a hard keyboard or a menu item that I don't seem to have.
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    Help Some contacts don't show in search

    I have 2,240 contacts in Android contacts on my MoPho. When I search for some contacts, they don't show up, but when I scroll down to the contact it is there and accessible. Why do some contacts not show up in search? I have so far only noticed it on company contacts that don't have a persons...