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  1. dkl1

    Root Jumping ship

    Leaving the android world and going over to the.....OTHER side. Yep. When I rooted my first device (Sprint EVO 4G) I was hooked. Since, I have rooted two more - maybe three - devices and seems to me it has gotten harder each time. Maybe not for many of you but me, definitely! My wife has...
  2. dkl1

    Root Retrieve App Files ???

    Here's the deal - Broken LG G3 rooted (took a pretty hard drop) No screen function LED light flashes - nothing else Going to get new device but will KEEP IT STOCK and will need the data from a business mileage app I've been using for a couple years. I'm cheap and I chose NOT to pay a monthly...
  3. dkl1

    Root How many here are using Android Lollypop and what issues experienced?

    I know it's a long title but a man has to do what a man's gotta do! Anyway, I've been on L for 6 months or so and the biggest issue for me is the lag. Anyone else have this experience? I'm really considering going backwards to Kit Kat...:(
  4. dkl1

    Root How to REPLACE a System App

    Just curious if anyone could tell me how I would go about removing the system calendar that came with my CM 12.1 Nightly with the Google Calendar? I have two calendars that give me duplicate notifications and I want to only use Google. Thanks...:)
  5. dkl1

    Root Camera

    Over time I've had various roms that include its own camera flavor. Some I've liked, others not so much. The one I've got now, I'm not crazy about. Where would I find other options than the Play store?? Any suggestions? Looking for one that includes video that can be paused... Thanks
  6. dkl1

    Why two app icons??

    When I download a free app I get the app icon in my app drawer. When/If I choose to purchase the "Pro" version I get another icon beside the original one. Are both these icons necessary or can the 'original' free version be deleted? Or is it something different with each app?? Thanks for...
  7. dkl1

    Root Really, REAlly, REALLY messed up Contacts!

    While on my Google account I noticed that I could merge all my fragmented addresses and phone numbers and such so I DID. Then all hell broke loose within my Contacts on my G3. Most of my contacts are just completely jumbled up - for example: one persons contact will have another's phone #...
  8. dkl1

    Root FLASH Fever!

    Hey guys I had some time on my hands on Sunday or Monday evening and (that's when I tend to get into 'trouble'!) thought I'd look at the android forum(s) - G3 in particular. To my surprise I discovered that there were some new ROM's out there for our G3's so I did what any amateur 'dev' would...
  9. dkl1

    Root Screen rotation has stopped

    I've checked my settings and rotation is set and am not sure what else to look at?? In my feverish attempt to solve what I consider an unusual amount of battery usage, I have been trying a couple different battery saver apps and xposed modules and perhaps I have inadvertently turned it off...
  10. dkl1

    Root Restoring Contacts

    Hey Guys, I recently restored a nandroid on my device and then went to look up a contact that I had added after said nandroid was created. I NEED that contact and wanted to know if it's possible to restore to a backup that I know the Contact would be from Titanium BU? I have two separate...
  11. dkl1

    Root Gapps has stopped working issue

    Anyone have a solution to the error message "unfortunately com.android.process.gapps has stopped working? (May not be exactly verbatim but I think the informed among us will know what of I speak! [emoji14]). Thanks
  12. dkl1

    Root Weird happenings AFTER I responded to "SU binary needs to update"

    There I was minding my own business today when I just happened to look at a notice on my notifications bar that stated something to the affect "...SU binary needs to update..". I had a choice to have it update via the "Normal" way or "TWRP/Custom" way and since I had just recently did the...
  13. dkl1

    Root AT&T OTA update files?

    Can anyone give me an idea *which* files (or file) does an OTA update change (affect)? Reason I ask is, since I am rooted, I want to be certain that I'm not vulnerable to an OTA and would like to freeze the appropriate file(s) in TiBu. That''s all :smokingsomb:
  14. dkl1

    Root OTA after ROOT

    Hey guys, is there any danger we need to be aware of concerning OTA's after rooting? :confused:
  15. dkl1

    Root Custom recovery?

    I am assuming there's really no custom recovery available yet for the G3 yes? Is there a viable method to make a nandroid at this point? Any thoughts? :confused:
  16. dkl1

    Root Rooooooooooot!!!

    Ok, I got a bit carried away there BUT...I had an experience last year with my Galaxy S3 that sent me into a deep dark depression (jk!) regarding 'messing' with my device! I'm over it now :p Towel Root a-toot-toot! Yeah buddy, like a charm it did. It was almost spooky how quick and painless...
  17. dkl1

    Help Connecting to computer issue

    New device...G3. Nothing happens when I connect it to my laptop. Laptop - running LinuxMint 17 plenty of RAM and HD space...:confused: I have always been under the impression that the first time a device is connected to a desktop/laptop, it downloads drivers so it can be accessed via the...
  18. dkl1

    Root MyBackup Pro

    On my old device (S3) I have MBP that I recently paid $4.99 for the privilege of having at my disposal. If I don't figure out how to restore my stuff, it's gonna end up in the garbage disposal :mad: So, I did my backups for my Apps+Media on my old device and stored it to: /mnt/extSdCard...
  19. dkl1

    Root [Verizon] Jumpin' ship

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've had the time or the interest in messing with my device. I still like the fact that I'm rooted and I think I will do so at some point with the next device I get. Before I leave my rooted S3 and start fresh with say a HTC M8, what do I need to do to be sure in...
  20. dkl1

    Root [Verizon] Random shut downs

    Hey guys, been a while since I've been on here but it's great that "here" is still available:) Dropped and cracked glass on my S3 about 2 months ago and have chosen not to fix since my VZW contract is over mid September and an planning to move on. The device seems to have considerately...
  21. dkl1

    Windows boot problem

    I've been somewhat following along on THIS THREAD by Mikestoney and have caught the bug to move beyond where I've been with Linux for about 1.5 years. Back then, I decided to install Ubuntu on my laptop along side of Windows 7 and run as a dual boot system. Like most it seems, I got used to...
  22. dkl1

    Root [Verizon] In Call Volume issue

    When talking on my phone, the person I'm talking with has great difficulty hearing me! When I put the call on speaker and talk more directly into the microphone, I'm told that it's much better. Don't know what's changed, although it has only happened since I flashed the 4.3 nightly a month or...
  23. dkl1

    Root [Verizon] 4.3 Kernel w/fast charge

    Holiday Greetings! I recently flashed CarbonROM v1.8 8/24 nightly that is running smoothly to this point, however, I'd like to find a kernel that has fast charge feature. This is proving to be somewhat of a challenge for me! I went over to the XDA site where a bunch of ROMs and kernels are...
  24. dkl1

    Root [Verizon] Bluetooth version

    Does anybody know what version Bluetooth is native to CarbonROM 1.8? Or can you tell me how to find out from my device? Thanks
  25. dkl1

    Root [Verizon] Camera issue?

    I have had this happen a couple times recently... when I've taken a picture there are these vertical lines over the entire picture. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Thinking it might be something on the lens, I have cleaned it then tried again... but no!