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  1. Stradevarius

    Sync data between Android Tablet and Android Phone

    Hey, I don't have an android tablet (hopefully soon though) and was curious if there is a way to sync apps and app data between the two devices, for example: 1. download angry birds on both devices 2. Play first level on phone 3. the two devices automatically and continuously sync and...
  2. Stradevarius

    Root The bickering needs to stop

    Hey guys, Usually I lurk, but today i'm going to say my bit. Recently as i'm sure everyone knows, P3droid posted an article condemning us for our actions (he sure helped us along though!) and some people on this forum went ballistic. I kept reading through the thread "important post by...
  3. Stradevarius

    Root Rooted GB Stuck Bootloader Help!

    Hey everyone, So I got my Droid X last July and i've been rooted ever since it became and option. I was running Liberty 1.5 but then switched to Apex 1.41 to try it out. I've been on Apex since and with the development of a rooted GB release I decided why not, it's gingerbread! The...
  4. Stradevarius

    Root Flashing my first rom (liberty) help

    Hey, So i'm i have regained root after latest update fiasco (for me) and have just used Droid X Bootstrapper to create a backup. my question now is how do I apply a rom? I'm looking to use liberty 1.0 but I haven't seen anywhere if I need to be deodexed for it or not, and I heard Deodexing...
  5. Stradevarius

    Help PSX4DROID and disappearing files

    Hello, Recently bought a Droid X (first android phone), but i'm a fast learner when it come to tech. bought PSX4DROID and downloaded disk 1-3 of ff7 (I do own the game). already added a bio's bin file also. here are my two questions 1. when I make new folders/transfer files over onto my...