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  1. jntdroid

    Help Optimus F3 and Hangouts video chat sound?

    Those with a F3 - does video chatting work fine? I just did my first one with my wife. They couldn't hear me at all, and I couldn't figure out any setting. I then tried from my HTC One and it worked fine - so it was nothing on their end. Anybody else used Hangouts video chat with no...
  2. jntdroid

    Root [How To] Return your Samsung Exhibit II 4G back to it's factory "out of the box" state

    All credit goes to stubbakatt over HERE for the files and original instructions. I simply walked through it myself and re-wrote out the instructions in a way that caters to my brain. Disclaimer: This has been tested on two machines - one running Windows 7 32 bit, and one running Windows 7 64...
  3. jntdroid

    Root wifi tether - infrastructure possible?

    Edit: I was able to get it working by using version 3.1-beta6, changed the device profile to Samsung Fascinate, setup method to "Softap for Samsung (master)", and enabling access control - though I don't know if that's a requirement or not. It didn't connect the first time, and I had to enable...
  4. jntdroid

    lockscreen hangs/delays

    This and the sound 'issue' are the only things about this phone that are really bothering me. My wife's phone doesn't have this issue with the lockscreen, though it's kinda laggy in general. Probably 80% of the time, when I wake my phone, the lockscreen hangs for a couple of seconds before I...
  5. jntdroid

    Root freeze lockscreen?

    I'm running rooted stock and would simply like to freeze the Blur lockscreen and use Widgetlocker full time - however I can't seem to find any sort of .apk or anything in /system/app to do that. Any ideas?
  6. jntdroid

    eHRPD to evdo on Bionic?

    With the Thunderbolt, we could get into the EPST settings and change the 3G network type to evdo from eHRPD. This accomplished a few things... 1) [Negative] Made the 3G/4G handoff slower 2) [Positive] It put it back on the same level as all the 3G-only phones, i.e. a reliable 3G...
  7. jntdroid

    Help Net10 - LG Optimus Net - really 3G?

    Is Net10 going the Boost/Virgin route now? Do they use Sprint's towers to provide 3G service? Curious about this phone, but skeptical of Net10... especially if they really provide 3G.
  8. jntdroid

    Root remove lockscreen?

    So I've been trying to "vanilla-fy" my phone as much as possible, to see if getting rid of Sense helps free up some memory and help it run a little smoother. Don't get me wrong, it runs well, but clearly when taking advantage of a lot of the widgets, it bogs it down. So I'm just tinkering...
  9. jntdroid

    Root superuser issues

    anybody else having superuser issues (constant FC's, unable to allow root to *some* apps) ? tried reflashing .zip, updating via market, clearing data, su update checker (which couldn't gain root), etc... still no luck.
  10. jntdroid

    Root [Root Only] Boot Sounds - Solution and Help

    I'm by no means trying to trump this thread, and greatly appreciate all the work danthemanohyea put into that. However, the problem still remains as to why we even have to do a workaround like that. Why, even if we rename/remove those audio files, do they still play? I haven't solved the...
  11. jntdroid

    Where to buy now?

    So where is the Triumph available now? It appears, at least online, that Best Buy and Radioshack *stores* are no longer selling them? Or at least online only? Are there any brick & mortar's selling them right now? A buddy of mine is trying to find one...
  12. jntdroid

    Help Can someone with a stock GB Inc2 try this...

    Go to settings>applications>manage applications - then click on an app you've downloaded/installed. Does it ever act real finicky (fast flickering, etc)? Like you have to back out then go back into the app to do anything with it? Or you select uninstall, and it asks you to confirm...
  13. jntdroid

    Root Boot up sound?

    I've tried everything to get rid of the "virgin mobile" sound on booting up, but can't seem to find the right file. I've found every .ogg or .mp3 that I thought could be it, as well as the main bootanimation.zip file, renamed them with .bak, but that VM sound still happens... anybody else...
  14. jntdroid

    Root Gingerbreak?

    I know this is all speculation... but in theory, gingerbreak should root the Triumph right?
  15. jntdroid

    Google Music Beta?

    Can't seem to get my Optimus V to work with it... Anybody else get it working on the V's?
  16. jntdroid

    Will someone with an X2 confirm these bugs?

    Will someone currently holding an X2 see if they can duplicate these bugs? Dropbox - download a file from a folder, then try and long-press and do anything to another file in the same folder - it should force close Android Facebook app - can't scroll to the bottom in the settings to change...
  17. jntdroid

    Help "Stay Awake" keeps turning back on

    On both my and my wife's Opt-V, when we plug in the wall charger (it might be happening before this, but it only stays awake after it's been plugged in) it seems to turn back on the "stay awake" feature under Settings/Apps/Dev - anybody come across this or know why it might be happening? I...
  18. jntdroid

    Root Need some savvy help... Optimus V Stuck in Recovery (thunderc)

    I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to hacking Android (D1, DInc, DX), but I did a dumb thing and now I can't figure out how to fix it. My wife has the Optimus V. Her first one was a bit of a lemon - crackling/popping on her voice reception, didn't keep a 3G signal. So I replaced...