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    ThunderBolt sales Numbers

    thought some people might find this interesting (and i believe there were some threads asking). some of the numbers from verizon quarterly report, they activated 260,000 thunderbolts in the first two weeks it went on sale. Verizon Moves 2 Million iPhones in Two Months | Peter Kafka |...
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    Help wallpaper formatting question

    Has anyone else noticed that that if you have a 1280 x 800 wallpaper the xoom makes you crop the picture then it zooms the picture when it sets it. Does anyone know what size wall paper, picture, the xoom is looking for in order to still have the slight movement when switching screen and that it...
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    Accessories 3rd party accessories

    looks like some decent accessories (looking at you folio case) are coming up for pre-order, granted the pictures are iffy (have ipad or rim playbook in them) at best some of them look really good especiall these 2 Amazon.com: Motorola Xoom Executive Folio Genuine Leather Case - Black (PRE...
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    Help ok new xoom owners

    Anyone discover anything not commonly known? Personally I turned on the google labs in the browser settings, love that slide out circle navigation feature, very thumb friendly. The real question, has anyone figured out how to change the browser ua string. I don't want mobile versions of web...
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    Closer than Ever (unboxing video)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieK1tWYZWGI wirefly obviously has their stock.
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    cool droid fanboy live wallpaper

    found a cool live wallpaper tonight. it's called "droid guy live wallpaper". where ever you touch him he does different things so you can play with him and make him dance or do back flips. whats really cool is if you touch his mouth he takes a bite out of an apple and throws it in the trash can...
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    Accessories Need some suggestions on a pouch

    I have been looking around but haven't found anything good, hoping someone has some good suggestions. I don't like cases with belt clips so i carry the incredible in my pocket. i am looking for a pouch or a case with a removable clip that i can slide the phone into when i put it in my pocket...