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    Magnetic POGO Charger is Available!!

    I just received my pogo charger yesterday and it is excellent, both in fit and finish and increased charging speed! also, the manufacturer has set up a web site for sales. no eBay or Amazon. [url=http://pogocable.com/]Magnectic Pogo Cable
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    [Verizon] News about the Official MIUI for the Nexus

    Straight from MIUI's official twitter earlier today!! Official miui goodness for the NEXUS!! @MIUIROM: MIUI V4 for Galaxy Nexus and Huawei honor will be developed and released in March.
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    [International / GSM] CRT animation for screen on?

    Has anyone come across a mod that can enable the CRT animation for screen on?
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    [Verizon] [ROM][AOSP][4.0.3][CDMA] GummyNex 0.2.3 - 12/20/11

    Didn't see this posted, so here we go! very smooth and it has reboot recovery when you press the power button. ftw!! [ROM][AOSP][4.0.3][CDMA] GummyNex 0.2.3 - 12/20/11 - RootzWiki
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    [International / GSM] Titanium Backup not restoring apps. Help.

    I transfered all of my sd card contents to my nexus, including the Titanium folder, but when i try to restore my apps it just freezes when the very first app is trying to restore. Please help.
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    Root MIUI 1.10.28 for the Droid X [with functional 720p RECORDING and PLAYBACK!]

    I guess I'll get this one going. It's running very nice btw! MIUI.us DefX - RootzWiki
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    Root [ROM] SSX 2.2 by ChevyNo1 (with 1% battery!!!)

    Looks like the new version just dropped. take a look! SSX 2.2 (2.3.7) Incl. 1% Battery and Other Goodies
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    Root 1% battery mod for Cyanogen DX

    Here it is! Once again, Razorloves comes through for us with help from RevNumbers! 1% Battery Increment Fix for CM4DX
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    Root Help!! Odd problem occurs when I change ERI after adding CRT Mod

    First, I'm on .596 deodexed. When I add Bouchigo's CRT mod everything works fine, but when i try to change the eri banner either through JRummy's Root Tools or ADB i run into a terrible FC cascade. When I try to change the ERI banner without the CRT mod everything goes OK but together it does...
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    Root [THEME] Watermaked with a persnal touch for GB .591 & .595

    I came across the Watermarked theme over at Droid Forums. It's one of my favorite themes I've tried for the X. Just be sure to follow the instructions very carefully. You have to be on the deodexed and rooted version of .595 with no additional mods. I'm installing as soon as my backup is...
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    Root Old TV style animation for DX Gingerbread!

    Here is the link! Check post #26! ENJOY! [Q] CRT animation (Old Style TV Off) - Page 3 - xda-developers
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    Root LG Optimus weather widget works on DX!

    Here is the link to get the APK: xda-developers - View Single Post - LG Optimus 2x weather/home widget? You will need to clear the entire screen to ads the widget, then resize it. Go Launcher, Launcher Pro or ADW can accomplish this. Have fun! Woops! I see someone beat me too it. Mods...
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    Root Ultimate Droid for the X

    I haven't seen anything posted so far in this forum about Ultimate Droid so I just want to pass along some good news! An early alpha was released to a closed testing group yesterday. The rom is not yet a daily rom but it is already phenomenal! It is blazing fast and aside from the bugs that the...
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    Goodbye Eris!! What to get next?

    So after my 5th eris took a dump yesterday, verizon is giving me a free upgrade!!! Courtesy and talking politely with a manager goes quite a long way. Now the question of the day is, which phone should I get? 1. Droid X? 2. Droid 2? 3. Incredible? Thoughts people?
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    Root can anyone help with ADB commands?

    I need to get a file into my /system/app folder. I have the file in the tools folder of the SDK. any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    swype Eris comapatible!!

    A new version of swype is floating around. It works much better and has a new look. Just google swype to find it!! Enjoy!! the file is called: Swype_1.60.36.8214_HVGA.apk
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    Root Help! New to Rooting and need held and advice.

    I'll keep this short and to the point. First, i'm new to rooting and programming though i'm no noob when it comes to tech. I have several questions with regards to the process. I also am not looking to go crazy modding out my phone and i would like to keep it somewhat close to stock so that i...