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  1. NOsquid

    Root Titanium EB01 ---> AOSP

    Anybody have trouble restoring user app data on AOSP? My games restored fine which is what's most important, but other apps didn't have any settings saved, ie handcent, xscope. Pain to set it all up nice and pretty again. I tried twice, deleted and redid my TiBU folder in between. I wiped...
  2. NOsquid

    Root Brightness toggle in status bar dl30

    For the dummies like me who don't RTFM :D Hold the status bar for a sec, slide your finger left and right Props, Samsung. Very slick. Really, really dig the new status bar. I use the rotate and 3g toggles a lot, and brightness was the only thing missing for me. Edit: to give credit...
  3. NOsquid

    Root My reason to want FroYo

    Not flash, not JIT. But USB tethering. Maybe it's just me/network in my area/my WiFi drivers, but I've tried everything with Barnacle/Wireless Tether and overall USB tethering via PDAnet or EasyTether is significantly more reliable. Not to mention less battery drain, possibly more secure. And...
  4. NOsquid

    Root Hurro n00b! Rooted? Stop! Do not pass GO! No flashy-flashy! **BACK UP YOUR PHONE**

    This will potentially make recovering from your mistakes much less painful for you and for the person on here talking you through it. It seems the Fascinate is becoming a victim of its own success lately and there are more and more inexperienced users mucking up their phone. I did not see a post...
  5. NOsquid

    Help SMS Notification - Launcher Pro/Handcent/Stock Messaging ???

    I'm sure I'm missing something stupid. I've turned off notifications in the stock Messaging app (I'm pretty sure). And those look different (they have the green text bubble as the icon). Can anyone clue me in as to what that 2nd notification is below the blue Handcent icon? And can I get rid of...