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  1. xdrc45

    Root OnePlus One/CM 11S Camera and Gallery APK

    OK, this is the Camera APK and the Gallery APK from the OnePlus One - CM 11S Build KVT49L XNPH16Q The Gallery APK - Dev-Host - GalleryNext.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service Is working 100% on my N5 running Dirty Unicorns AOSP base. So it should work fine on any...
  2. xdrc45

    New Google Hangouts Updates and Discussion

    Alright guys and gals... The New Hangouts v2.1 APK/update is technically available... It's really being rolled out from google in stages at this point and isn't available on the Play Store just yet. Luckily for us though it has already been captured and mirrored. I've already downloaded it...
  3. xdrc45

    Root Help with google talk re installation

    Hi... I have a huawei ascend through metro with cm7 installed. Im having an issue with google talk. When I installed cm7 and did the initial setup, apparently I didn't click on install google talk! I've tried to re install it, downloaded apks, copy and pasted to system/apps, have tried using...