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  1. ipersian

    Application to email all cell phone text messages and call phones to a specific email

    Hi, This morning I forgot to take my cellphone, I wonder if there is an app which in these cases emails all new text messages and the phone numbers to me so that I can respond them via email with the computer I use at work place. Thanks,
  2. ipersian

    facebook update

    Hello, I tried to update facebook app through google play, but after downloading, it says there is no enough space, but there is plenty of space available, and there is no problem in updating other apps and games. do you know why this happens and what is solution. my phone is galaxy s2. thanks,
  3. ipersian

    Adding multiple words to keyboard dictionary

    Hi, It is possible to add thousands of words as a simple .doc file to Microsoft word so that when typing the correction will automatically find them. I have added a .doc file full of medical words to Microsoft word so that when writing the medical articles I will not have any typos. My question...
  4. ipersian

    playing flv on Mxplayer

    hi, I just factory reset my cell phone, and after that I can not play .flv files on Mxplayer, I think it could play them before, do you know any solutions for mxplayer? thanks
  5. ipersian

    graphics of paradise island

    hi I play paradise island on my galaxy s2, very addictive game but the only issue is that I think the graphics is not good at all, the resolution is not optomized for the 800.480 screen,I would like to ask the experience of other players and if there is any solution for it.
  6. ipersian

    what is the best firewall

    hi, what is thebest Android firewall which totally blocks internet connection of any program you like?
  7. ipersian

    integrating skype chat with Evernote or other text editors on Android

    hi, I noticed that Skype would save the chat texts on the local computer in windows, but apparently the chat on Android will not be saves and will not be accessible after a while, I would like to know if there is a way to integrate Skype with Evernote or other text editors, so that we could save...
  8. ipersian

    decreasing screen brighttness less than the default limitation

    hi there, i have used apps like screen adjuster which let us to decrease the brightness more than the default limit, but the wierd thing is that while on ics rom, you can not instal new apps until you turn these programs off, I noticed this issue on another program named filterscreen or sth like...
  9. ipersian

    Video converter

    Hey there, What is the easiest way to decrease the aspect ratio of a video, without changing other things, as the sound quality or the video format, so that the picture would fit my galaxy s2 screen with less memory required :-) i would greatly appreciate it if some one could recommend a...
  10. ipersian

    galaxy empire

    hey there, do you know any online Android based strategy game such as galaxy empire,I am bore with galaxy empire :-)
  11. ipersian

    app such as tapatalk which could support Androidforums.com

    hey there, is there any Android application which w could see and edit Androidforums.com, i couldn't do it with tapatalk. thanks