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  1. beingbeetle

    App for Limo Business - Ground Alliance

    Hello, Limo Operators and Chauffeurs Ground Alliance is a limo software that's been a game-changer for my business, First and foremost, what I appreciate most about Ground Alliance is its user-friendly interface. It's incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate, which is a huge plus for someone...
  2. beingbeetle

    Connecting Phone to Tablet

    Use Ground Alliance, Its Geo-fencing feature will assist you from pick up to drop off location.
  3. beingbeetle

    Help Get into a locked Nokia 1.4 (Android 10)

    I had the same issue after I restored the display of my old phone. All the way phone asks for a code to get access to do a restore. The only solution I got was a factor reset from the Mobile shop. All tutorial online are useless.
  4. beingbeetle

    Hello, Everyone - Beautiful Day to Start Something New

    Hello Guys! Keep supporting each other and welcome every day with a positive mind, Keep passing your positive waves to other people, so we all can create something wonderful and supportive for our society.
  5. beingbeetle

    New Android Features - Google

    Android is announcing new features to help you improve productivity, connectivity and individuality as you go about your day-to-day life. With WhatsApp now available on your Wear OS smartwatch, you can securely send and receive messages, answer calls, and keep up with chats without having to...
  6. beingbeetle

    What are you currently reading?

    The Nine Unknown - Talbot Mundy
  7. beingbeetle


    Bike is must to have in your fleet collection, it is good to hang around on the bike while getting stuck into traffic
  8. beingbeetle

    Sad news

    It is hard to find a loyal friend and losing them is always heartbreaking. Rest in peace Rapheal.
  9. beingbeetle

    Help Tablet app crashes help

    Try to factory reset one more time, possible some files got corrupted due to improvement updating. Secondly, install and test one by one. For example, install apps that cash frequently first and then use them one by one till you feel it working well.
  10. beingbeetle

    Post Your Last Purchase

    Diaper for baby
  11. beingbeetle

    Funny pictures!

  12. beingbeetle

    Need help finding an old game

    May be you talking about Castle Clash
  13. beingbeetle

    Looking for Smartphone advice

    If you want to buy a device for your kids, I would suggest buying a tablet, This will be more convenient. Samsung Tab will be awesome. The benefits of tablets for kids are big screens for reading and interactive sessions, family Devices, Customize according to your needs, Kids can't take it...
  14. beingbeetle

    Help Can someone tell me if these Bluetooth services are normal even when I have it off

    These are the services you use only when Bluetooth is On, for example using headphones via Bluetooth, having calls from earphones via Bluetooth, Provides the public APIs to control the Bluetooth HID Device profile, BluetoothOppService is a service that provides Bluetooth connectivity for your...
  15. beingbeetle

    Which brand of Android phones do you think is the best?

    It depends upon the price segment of the phone, The budget phones of Samsung were not as good as you can get from other brands like Motorola, Oneplus, Vivo, and Xiaomi. When it comes to the premium flagship category, Samsung is best due to its performance and style.
  16. beingbeetle

    What was Your First Android Device?

    Xiaomi Redmi 1S