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  1. Alien Droid

    Help How do I stop a mistaken Photo upload!

    Cubot Note Plus - Android 7.0 stock. Google photos app. I accidentally somehow hit the Upload or Share icon top of screen, I assume the upload cloud icon. Two photos apparently while looking through many photos using the default Google Photos app. I can see the upload in process, 2 files. It...
  2. Alien Droid

    Auto call record not recording incoming calls!

    Very annoying, only just realized "Auto call record" is not recording my incoming calls! Missed loads of important calls :( It's version 1.1.3 On Android 7 Is there a fix for this? Thanx.
  3. Alien Droid

    AVG reporting Malware in settings app!

    Hi AVG is telling me I have Malware on my tablet! Android 4.2.2 [COLOR=navy][FONT=Verdana]I
  4. Alien Droid

    I want full handwriting intergration on my Blade!

    Hi all Droids out there :) I've spent a long time looking but I'm not happy with the so called handwriting apps I've tried so far. I've first used handwriting 8 ish years ago on my P800 then a P910i Sony Ericsson, they both still work BTW! It works very well, it's fast and doesn't make too many...