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  1. Rush

    Htc advantage ....

    Some of you might have already been aware of this awesome move by HTC, but for all those (including myself) who've not ... Check out the link below. Excuse me if this has been mentioned before. �� I recently found out about "THIS" two days ago.
  2. Rush

    Root [Sprint] Just got the One ... need help gettin unlocked using firewater

    Here's the error message I'm getting after typing / data/local/ tmp/temproot Note: I am running kit-Kat version 4.4.2.
  3. Rush

    QuickPoll: How often do you use your smartphone to TALK to someone?

    When's the last time you used your smartphone to talk to someone? Personally, I find I'm texting far more than voice-calling - texting - that I have to remind myself that this phone can actually make phone calls just like my home phone. So, how often do you make calls on your phone? ;)
  4. Rush

    Root Need some assistance in getting s-off

    Can someone steer me in the right path to getting s-off on my phone? I am currently running a custom ROM. (==
  5. Rush

    Root getting multitasking for sense 5 help

    Hey, Cap... The Sense5 multitasking isn't available for this Rom, right? Not a big problem, but it just look a lot more refine (IMO) than the ICS version. Now -- I'm just kicking back waiting on Zoe to be finalized. ;)
  6. Rush

    Root Help! Is my phone completely bricked?

    I used superwipe to clear data, cache, etc. I noticed that it was taken longer than normal ... so boot back to recovery -- stupid enough i went ahead and clear data and cache. Now the phone will boot into recovery (TWRP) then reboot to the HTC screen. Is there any way of fixing this? :(
  7. Rush

    Have you ever wonderd why iOs has more apps than Android

    I know i have ... Even though Android devices seems to sell a lot more than iOs {nowadays} iOS clearly has been the winner when it comes to having some "popular" applications. If interested ... Read on.
  8. Rush

    Root Looking to root my device. Help needed

    Okay, I just got another brand new EVO 4G LTE (black). I'm now thinking of 'routing' this bad boy, since I won't be gettin the HTC One. I would love to get Sense 5 with blinkfeed. Now...how do I do this? That is the question. :)
  9. Rush

    Here's one of the best cache cleaner for your Android device

    Wondering why you can't install that app even though you have available room on your SD card? Does your device feels sluggish...? Doesn't feel the same after installing all those applications? You might need to clean the cache of each application - and here's an app that will do just that with...
  10. Rush

    The best proven Airpush-detector

    For those who are tired of getting those annoying notification in your status bar. Try this ApPliCaTiOn. Note: If you already have this application installed, just ignore this thread. Cheers! :)
  11. Rush

    Password Panacea

    Hello and welcome aboard, arnulforob... Thanks for sharing your work with the Android community. :)
  12. Rush

    Let's chat about how COOL Or NOT the latest update for the FACE BOOK app is..

    Hey y'all, Finally, I can give the FB application four stars ( they would have to really impress me to get an added star.) Anyway, If you haven't visited the Play Store (my apps section) and see that there is an update for this app -- you might wanna do so right now. I'm pleased with this...
  13. Rush

    Here's a very interesting read...

    Tap / click the link below - Link
  14. Rush

    How satisfied are you with Ice Cream Sandwhich (OTA) on your device??

    Hey guys, I just wanted to see and hear other users views and/or opinions on how ICS favors on their device(s). As for me, it suck big time...I'm using an EVO Design 4g, and it has somehow made this phone really hard to use _ seriously. I'm getting another EVO 3d tomorrow - hopefully it...
  15. Rush

    Now that I've gotten my Evo Design... should i update to ICS??

    Just as the topic says, should I upgrade to ICS or continue to use the Gingerbread version of Android? Everything seems to run okay on gingerbread... I've read about all kind of issues with the Ice Cream Sandwich update, and if it's not working so well on this device model, then I wouldn't...
  16. Rush

    Problems replacing Evo 3d with Assurian... more details inside..

    I wasn't aware that i would not be getting back my replacement Evo 3d from Assurian. The news was a surpise to me, when i was told that my claim for a damaged Evo 3d would be replaced for a Evo 4g...wth!!! :confused: I was sent an Evo 4g instead of my original Evo 3d phone. I immediately...
  17. Rush

    how to see the samsung s3 processor?

    Welcome aboard. Here's hoping you'll find what you seek on here. :)
  18. Rush

    (Just curious) Aren't we way pass this amount of registered members... (o)

    Just as the topic says...☜ ↑↑ If so, why hasn't this changed ⇨ (675,000+ members) to this (1,000,000+ members) ↓↓
  19. Rush

    Facebook app only works away from home

    Welcome aboard. I assume you are using the Facebook for Android application from the Play Store. If yes, then you should either clear data from the application, or uninstall | reinstall the app. To uninstall the application: open up the FB app - tap menu - my apps - then find the app click on...
  20. Rush

    Will the new iPhone 5 be the one to...more details inside.

    Hey all, (Allegedly) It seems like Apple has finally decided to give their {loyal} supporters what they long yearn for - a bigger size screen plus some more added goodness - ouch! :confused: What happens now? Yes, this is a good question. We'll be listening out to hear from some iPhone users...
  21. Rush

    Go Keyboard.. Free and totally awesome. *^^*

    [B]Hey Peeps, For those who aren't aware of this cool keyboard. Needless for me to explain how awesome it is - you would have to experience it for yourself. Check out the amount of downloads this bad boy has gotten. You are welcome.
  22. Rush

    HTC ICS Timeline.. Devices that will be getting ICS..And when!

    Here's HTC timeline list of devices to get ICS (ice cream sandwich). :dancing2: I saw this over @ AC. Link: HTC adds some timelines to its ICS device update list — www.androidcentral.com — Readability
  23. Rush


    Hello and welcome aboard. Glad to haVe ya! :) Have fun!!
  24. Rush

    Who else has seen this...

    Virgin Mobile I was under the impression that the OG EVO 4G wasn't able to be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Link: Wimax hits Virgin Mobile with the HTC EVO V 4G — www.androidcentral.com — Readability Note: Oops! After taking a second look I noticed that this...
  25. Rush

    Adobe Flash Player on Android..

    Hey guys/gals, If you haven't noticed yet, but there is an update available on the Google Play Store. Go check it out. Version: Anyway, my question is what is your thoughts on the continuing support that Adobe is still showing to the Android community? Personally, I'm glad...