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  1. istolvampire

    Root help-stop OTA update notifications

    Can someone tell me how to stop all OTA updates because they just fail anyways? Plus I don't want them. I am comfortable changing the build prop. I just need to know what the latest build prop should read. If someone could post that for me I would be grateful. Thank you
  2. istolvampire

    Root bootanimation help?

    Can someone tell me if i can put my bootanimation some where other than system/media so when i am changing roms I don't have to manually reload it each time? Thanks Like the way my custom splash screen stays on no matter what I do. ps. Same with my font?
  3. istolvampire

    Root amon ra

    says "waiting on device " when trying to flash Amon Ra recovery? Any help? Thanks Tried on win7 and xp
  4. istolvampire

    Root no downloads in market today

    My downloads not showing market today. Am I the only one? edit: clear data/cache fixed it. You can delete this thread. Thanks
  5. istolvampire

    Root droid 1 on another network

    Is it possible to get the droid to work on another network and if so would changing roms or even loading a nandroid backup kill the flash that got it to work on the other network or is that info stored like the base band is and never changes unless you do want it to? I know this is a shot in...
  6. istolvampire

    Root handcent icon?

    Anybody have the stock Handcent icon or original droid messaging icon so I can change the Handcent icons color or replace it with the stock icon I use to use? Thanks
  7. istolvampire

    Root voice actions

    I am running BB v4 and can't seem to do this. Is there a rom that does? Will this be coming on BBv5 you think? Google's One-Button Voice Actions For Android 2.2 edit: nevermind got it but still doesn't send text after talking. Just waits till i hut send. hmmmmmmm
  8. istolvampire

    Root Google's new licensing service

    Can someone explain how this will effect root users? I would be very grateful. I have read all the information I can find but still not clear about it. I have so many questions I don't know where to start and am left feeling like i own an iphone now. How does this effect SD card apps? What...
  9. istolvampire

    Root frf72 is this on its way?

    Just read this on Frf72. Does this mean good things are coming our way to the Droid? And if so what is new in this build? Android 2.2 build FRF72 for Nexus One finally leaks -- Engadget
  10. istolvampire

    Root send to phone for ff

    Can't seem to get the firefox add-on Send to Phone to work on 64bit win7 ultimate. Anybody else have this problem? Works fine on Win XP edit: for some reason it installed today. So you can delete this if your an op. Thanks
  11. istolvampire

    Root font change for froyo

    I tried to change the font on Froyo manually with rootexplorer as i have in the past with other builds/roms but it caused boot loop. Has anyone been able to do this and if so how? Thanks edit: I got it to take my font. Just had one permission set wrong.
  12. istolvampire


    Dropbox just appeared on my Droid in the gallery section with several pics in the album even though I never installed Dropbox app on my phone. Can somebody tell me how to remove this album please as there is no delete option? I am rooted if that helps. Thanks
  13. istolvampire


    I have several files on my sd card that are labeled Disckcatchindex. Can I just delete these or are they vital? Thanks
  14. istolvampire

    Root docking station heat

    My phone gets extremely hot while in the docking station no matter what rom I use. Any suggestions? Thanks ps. only overclocked to 800mhz
  15. istolvampire

    Root change font

    How can I change the font on CM to the droid font found in adamz smoked glass? I can't seem to find the ttf files but I read that I could use rootexplorer to replace the files like I do a bootimage? Not sure if this is correct but sounds right. I have found many threads on google about the font...
  16. istolvampire

    Root cyanogen custom icon help

    I just flashed cyanogen rom with a lot of help from CRPercodani and others but when I try to use Better Cut to install my custom icons they come out sized wrong. Anybody know how to fix this? All I need now is a theme and MY icons and all will be bliss. Looking through the themes now.
  17. istolvampire

    Root cyanogen help please

    I would like to try cyanogen's latest build (although still not sure which one that is) but after trying to google everything I need answers to I am just getting more confused so I thought someone here could help. I only have used sprecovery so this whole clockwork recovery is confusing. Says I...
  18. istolvampire

    Root stock smoked glass 6 weather widget

    What is the News and Weather widget that comes in Smoked Glass 6 because my weather hasn't worked for days now after working fine for a long time and was wondering if I can uninstall it and reload the apk if I can find it? Thanks
  19. istolvampire

    Astro file manager beta?

    Anyone else get a warning that Astro expires in a couple of days due to it being a beta?
  20. istolvampire

    Root boot animation help

    I made a boot animation. Not great but I am trying. Anyway, I can get it to look right when it is set to the center of the screen(480x427 not full screen) but when I set it to 480x854 (full screen)it gets stretched out. I was told the png files had to be 256x256 so I don't know what I could...
  21. istolvampire

    Root up to date roms

    How does everyone keep track of the lastest roms and recoveries? Seems I can't find just one place to keep track of say Adamz roms or sprecovery? Can you point a noob in the right direction. Thanks
  22. istolvampire

    Root looking for custom boot animation

    Was wondering if there is anyone out there on this forum that might make me a custom boot animation. I suck at photoshop. I have tried to do it but it looks terrible. The one I want should be simple (I think)for a person who knows what they are doing. All I want is the stock boot animation droid...
  23. istolvampire


    Best way to track the olympics on Droid? An app or something? Any help would be great. Thanks
  24. istolvampire

    rest gv message

    Does anyone know how to change google voice message that people hear when they call from the phone? I know how to do it from the computer but can't find it on the phone. Thanks
  25. istolvampire

    android mascot

    Can anybody tell me what are the legal restrictions about using the android mascot? Thanks