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  1. argedion

    Should Apple Help the FBI Unlock a Phone with a Court Order

    Recently there was an event which has spawned the FBI to ask Apple to give them a back door into the IOS system. They want a back door to help them get evidence against someone. Now Without Getting Political if that is at all possible What is your take? Should the Government be allowed to tell...
  2. argedion

    Copy.com to close down for May 1 2016

    Sad to see them go I have used them a bit now to move my data here is the post https://www.copy.com/page/home;section:plans
  3. argedion

    And Now Glenn Frey

    2016 is proving so far to take everyone away from my childhood. Now we have lost eagles co founder Glenn Frey My heart to his family and friends. Just really bummed right now :(
  4. argedion

    Another Living Legend Gone

    Lemmy Kilmister Died from an aggressive form of Cancer. My Condolences to his family. the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/topic/Lemmy-Kilmister/109140122438806?source=whfrt&position=1&trqid=6233529240570403725
  5. argedion

    Merry Christmas Android Forums

    Just want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new years.
  6. argedion

    Upgrade or Clean Install?

    Just curious to see how many prefer to update vs doing a clean install. I'm a Linux user and for the most part I just do a clean install. This steams back from my Windows Days when I would update and have issue some major some annoyances. I generally prefer the clean install as it helps me to...
  7. argedion

    Darkside of the Holidays

    The one thing that I really hate about the holidays is seeing all those happy couples. I get really negative this time of year feeling I'm not worthy to have a special someone. I don't expect anything anymore though. Really wish my life had been different but it is what it is. I'll just be glad...
  8. argedion

    Root How I rooted my S975L (Straight Talk S4)

    I didn't find a bunch of information when trying to root this particular model. I did find a little but most of the apps that they suggested didn't work. So I had to break out an old computer and stuff a drive into and install that dreaded OS Windows then I installed Kies and odin. I downloaded...
  9. argedion

    Root Said Goodbye to my Nexus 5

    A week ago I was using my phone and it just shutdown. It started to reboot and then just went black. It kept doing this everytime I turn it on it would start to boot sometimes get passed the Google splash screen other times not. If I plugged it up it would just constantly reboot. Seems it has...
  10. argedion

    Microsoft Linux

    Seems that Microsoft had to be man enough to admit that they need Linux to run its cloud servers. Check out the article and lets see if they try the desktop market again. Very Interesting. http://www.wired.com/2015/09/microsoft-built-linux-everyone-else/
  11. argedion

    Quick Pic

    I just received an update for my quick pic gallery app when I noticed it has changed owners. Quick Pic is now owned by Cheetah Mobile. If Memory serves me right is this the company that has been accused of data mining? If so can someone offer me a better alternative to quick pic?
  12. argedion

    Whats your favorite off time activity

    I have many :p One of my favorite off time activities is going out on natural trails and snapping pictures of what I see. It really helps me to get from behind a desk and looking at a screen all day :) What helps you unwind?
  13. argedion

    Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

    Yeah me neither lol Ok so maybe I do but she was still before my time :p Oh btw
  14. argedion

    Taking a leave of absence

    I came here like most others looking for some help with my device. I got such a great reception I stayed. I have been a member of staff and have really really enjoyed helping people with their issues. I have enjoyed working side by side some of the most brilliant minds in the world ;) Many of...
  15. argedion

    Youtube share

    Looks like the share button is gone in the latest youtube app. This sux as I often share music with people in different countries. Wtg Google :(
  16. argedion

    thefrog's howto remove user cache manually.

    I see a lot of threads where users install these third party programs promising to clean out the cache and make their devices run better and smother. Problem is most of these types of apps are Placebo's and only give you the illusion they are doing something. Well maybe not much illusion they...
  17. argedion

    Root Usb file format had to be fat32

    I hooked up my USB to my nexus running Dirty Unicorn: DU_grouper_5.0.2_20150208-1956.v9.1-OFFICIAL Since I don't own a Windows System I never use a Fat or NTFS format for my stuff. I recently decided to take the tablet and just make a media tablet with it. I have 32gig version so plenty of...
  18. argedion

    Total Launcher

    Normally I don't pimp very many apps out however I have to break that trend with this newest Launcher. I am a old time user of ssLauncher the original by ChYK. This is to be the next edition of the ssLauncher. I've been using it for the past few hours as it just went to the play store yesterday...
  19. argedion

    Happy Christmas Eve

    Just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy new year. May you all be blessed beyond measure this new year. Enjoy the time with your families and friends. I look forward to the adventures of the new year and hope y'all are with me :)
  20. argedion

    Suggestions for My desire to Tinker

    I am in the process of planning to tinker with making my own music videos. However I have a few issues. 1. I know nothing about how to do it. 2. I don't know which program I should use. 3. I want to be able to add lyrics to it REQUIREMENTS FOR RECOMMENDATIONS. 1. All program...
  21. argedion

    Help An issue with broadband tethering

    Can someone please help this member out this is a pm sent to me. thanks yall
  22. argedion

    Current Films you have seen and your diagnosis.

    I have been watching a few films lately as I have no life and nothing else to really do. So I was curious as to what films have you seen lately (On DVD) that you care to share your thoughts about. Here is a small list of the ones I have seen. I.Frankenstein - A decent fantasy movie with some...
  23. argedion

    Root Anyone Else here Running Dirty Unicorn?

    As the title ask Just wondering who all was running Dirty Unicorn. I've been running it for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. I have had no known issues with this ROM. Its been stable and fast.
  24. argedion

    Can anyone help with hyperterminal macro.

    I have a buddy that needs a hyperterminal macro that would prevent deleting of log files. Is this possible
  25. argedion

    Root Well Now I've Done it!!!

    So the Frog has officially Croaked his Phone. Yes you heard right I have managed to kill my phone. :o Only good thing is that I couldn't use it for much more than a mini wifi tablet so I didn't really loose anything. So Found out the reason I could not get Twrp 2710 to work was because I...