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  1. LilBit

    4G LTE Warp

    Making the change in a few weeks. Best bang for the buck as far as BoostMobile is concerned. Phone has Root,:D and a possible CWM,:confused: cant ask for more at this stage. :)
  2. LilBit

    Help Buying the phone

    I am going to get this phone in a few weeks, the price is right and so are the specs.;) It has root,:) thanks to mobclan, and a possible cwm recovery thanks to junkie and mobclan,:D I am gonna join in here.;) Best bang for the buck as far as Boost Mobile is concerned. :D I am more than...
  3. LilBit

    My work in anime voice over

    Some of it has been uploaded here, look for episodes with english subtitles. Everything I do is in Japanese. Watch Free Anime - Anime List - AnimeUltima.TV
  4. LilBit

    PRL and Voicemail Update??

    Just got a text from Boost saying my voicemail will be up graded soon. Anyone else? Yet? And a PRL update has already been installed. 61010:) My old one was 61009:p
  5. LilBit

    Root [Boost Mobile] [OS] Ubuntu Build Box 13.04

    This is from superr at the sequient forums, great thread and info.:) http://androidforums.com/warp-sequent-all-things-root/723643-os-ubuntu-build-box-13-04-a.html
  6. LilBit

    Root Theme's

    I know it's early in the phones development phase, but I wanted to ask, if, after the roms start coming out are there going to be any themers working on the roms?:) Gusspeed? Maybe?
  7. LilBit

    Senior Member

    Congrats Doc, your now a senior member!!!:D ;) :p
  8. LilBit

    Root [Boost Mobile] Done!! Project

    I wonder if something like this is do-able? I flash different themes all the time, most of them come with different sms-mms smileys!! Sometimes I use a theme just for the smileys included, now, here's the project. Can a flashable zip be made with all the different smiley's/ emotes?:confused: I...
  9. LilBit

    AAA Password?? ZTE Warp.

    Has anyone ever heard of this before? http://androidforums.com/boost-mobile-warp-all-things-root/683386-aaa-password-zte-warp.html
  10. LilBit

    Help New Sherrif in Town

    Congrat's DTM!!!!! You deserve it!!!:D
  11. LilBit

    Root [Boost Mobile] MMs issue's widespread

    Looks like sending mms, pics, etc, is widespread. I found a thread at the Galaxy S2 boost forums where people are complaining of the same thing.:mad: It's happening on stock rom's and on rooted stock, rooted custom, stock messaging, go sms, handcent mms, all of it. And it seems as if it is not...
  12. LilBit

    Daylight Saving Time

    Check your phones after tonight for glitches on the calendar and other apps that use the time. :D Last year I believe I had to fix an app or two.:) Just an FYI people.;)
  13. LilBit

    Root [Boost Mobile] BootLoader/Warp Drive

    Lets start here, dont want to clog up your rom thread.
  14. LilBit

    Lurker has joined.

    Hi everyone long time lurker, had to finally join. great forum, and have already had many good experiences here. Thank you all in advance for all I have learned here, and will continue to learn in the future.