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  1. d0ugparker

    Help Android Glass? External USB camera?

    I've searched, but can find what I want. Similar to Google Glass, but it's more accurately just a clip-on, tiny, external USB camera that disables the smartphone's on board cam. Part of the problem is that there's a lot of overlapping, doubly defined terms being used like camera, external...
  2. d0ugparker

    Help keyboard, add pilcrow, endash

    How do I add two desired characters, the endash (a dash that's a little bit longer than its sister the hyphen) and the pilcrow (the backwards capital P for the start of a paragraph) to my L90 keyboard?
  3. d0ugparker

    Music app repeat option suggestion

    I'd like to suggest that in the Music app, a repeat mode is added titled: Unique Repeat All (or Distinct All Play, or Album Play, or Unique Shuffle, or All Before Repeat) as a repeat option to play a playlist in such a way that all songs on the list get played once before any song is...
  4. d0ugparker

    Alarms: Lap Suggestion

    I've learned that a Read-Me-First-Sticky-Post is almost the same thing as an FAQ. In my case, though, it didn't answer my question. I have two suggestions for two default Android apps: the generic Alarms application, and the generic Music application. I want to pose my question to...