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  1. surgerush

    Help Problem connecting to mobile data with unlocked i537 on T-Mobile

    I have the I537 unlocked and I'm using it on T-mobile. It's being very sporadic, it only wants to work when it wants to. Like right now, I'm getting 4G LTE, but a few minutes ago it wouldn't even connect. I was out earlier, and the entire time I had no data connecting whatsoever, and when I...
  2. surgerush

    How to update to 3.3 on unlocked for T-Mobile?

    I have an unlocked Active and using it on T-Mobile. Is there any way to update to 3.3? When I use the software update in the settings, it says it's up to date. I've also tried using Kies, that also says that it's up to date. Any other options or anything else I can try or am I just stuck with...
  3. surgerush

    Help 1080p playback black screen

    When I record anything in 1080p, the playback is only a black screen, I can hear all the sounds, there is just no video. I tried it with 720 and there was no problem. When I rotate the screen, you can actually see the video for a split second during the rotation, but then it goes back to the...
  4. surgerush

    Help Wifi keeps getting stuck on "authenticating"

    Pretty much every time I try to connect to my home wifi, it keeps getting stuck on authenticating then it will fail and do it over again and again until it says network disabled, poor connection, even though it has a full 4 bars... I've tried turning it off and back on, I've tried forgetting it...
  5. surgerush

    T-Mobile Galaxy S II have Gorilla glass?

    I've done a ton of searches trying to find this, but I can't find it anywhere. I can only find that the other versions have gorilla glass. I assumed that this phone would have it, but I also assumed it would be an easy search that someone would have confirmed or denied it. I'm just curious for...
  6. surgerush

    Galaxy S II or Galaxy Nexus for T-Mobile?

    I know the vs question has been asked a couple hundred thousand times, but I'm curious about the 2 devices on T-Mobile, not just in general. Does either tend to have better service on T-mobile than the other? Also, I'd like some opinions on what you guys think is the better phone NOT including...
  7. surgerush

    Help How long?

    How long until you think this tablet will be outdated. I'm really debating on picking one up, but for that kind of money, I'd hate for something better to come out like next month. I know this stuff doesn't last long before the next best thing comes out, but I'd like to know that I have at least...
  8. surgerush

    Transformer vs Acer Iconia A200

    I just picked up the A200 a couple days ago. I'm somewhat happy, but it just feels like it's lacking sometimes. I was curious how much of a performance boost the Transformer would be compared to the A200. The specs seem very similar, but I may be missing something. Basically, is it worth the...
  9. surgerush

    Looking for tablet recommendations

    I know this question has probably been asked a couple hundred thousand times, but it's hard to look up something to exactly what my needs would be. I've been looking around a lot, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything, or if one of the ones I have been looking at are a bad idea. This...
  10. surgerush

    Root How do you free up space on this phone???

    My girlfriend has this phone, she's constantly deleting stuff to make space, but it seems like she never makes any progress. I've rooted her phone and started deleting some system apps that she isn't using, but that's only clearing up rom space. I've moved everything that can be to her sd...
  11. surgerush

    Root How to root ZTE Score using Zergrush

    I've taken this information from various sources and experience from rooting my Exhibit II, I do not take any credit for any of the information. 1. Install the ZTE Score drivers. When you plug your phone into the computer, the drivers should install automatically, if not, I have included a link...
  12. surgerush

    Any other apps like "GotYa: Face Trap"?

    This seems like an awesome anti theft (not really anti theft but you know what I mean) app, the only I've seen so far, but I was curious if anyone else knows of another, maybe better one, before I purchase it. It not only sends you a location, it takes a picture if someone puts your password...
  13. surgerush

    Root Best app for changing status bar icons?

    Just curious what the best app to do this with would be. Also, if there is anything special you need to know to do this, if someone knows a good tutorial link, that would be great too. Never done it before.
  14. surgerush

    Root Root guide?

    My girlfriend has the ZTE score, anybody know where the guide on how to root this phone is?
  15. surgerush

    Help YouTube videos glitchy while in portrait mode

    It's only while in portrait mode, the videos are constantly twitching and jumping. While in landscape mode they work fine. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas?
  16. surgerush

    Help Google Voice will NOT open apps

    I don't get it, no matter what command I give, Google Voice just won't open any apps, it only wants to try to bring me to a website. I'd say maybe it had something to do with something I froze, but I seem to remember having the same problem before I rooted the phone, I just didn't care then. Is...
  17. surgerush

    Exhibit II Protection Recommendations

    Just though I'd start this for anybody who has recommendations on exactly which cases, screen protectors, etc to use. I'm going to list what I'm currently using along with some links and why I do or don't like them. I'm currently using the D3O Band/Case at the moment, I really like this case, I...
  18. surgerush

    Messages constantly coming back failed!

    I can't find where I have seen someone bring this up inside another thread, but in that thread they said that if you change your stock messenger app to a 3rd party messenger, it seems to have fixed the problem on the messages coming back failed. I've been using gosms after I read about that...
  19. surgerush

    Question about using wifi hotspot for prolonged periods to run another Android phone...

    Ok, my girlfriend has a ZTE Score, she bought it pretty much to use for wifi/mp3 player... I was just wondering. if I was to leave my hotspot on for her phone while we were out, just for the heck of it we'll say 5 hours a day at most, would T-Mobile in any way be able to catch me doing this and...
  20. surgerush

    Help Update manager?

    Ok, I opened up my app list and a couple of the apps had a little green arrow on them telling me they needed to be updated. I clicked one and it brought up an update manager page. Does anybody know how to get back to the update manager page? Not the my apps page in the market because some of my...
  21. surgerush

    App or special buttons to restart phone?

    Was looking around for this and can't find a solution. Is there an app or a couple of buttons to hold to restart the phone like you would a computer, instead of holding the power to turn it off and then manually turn it back on?
  22. surgerush

    How to make the screen go off while plugged in?

    The setting isn't in the usual application development place. I know most people want there phone to stay on while plugged in, I don't. When I get a text the screen is supposed to turn on for like 10 seconds, but when it's plugged in it keeps it on all night. I want to turn this feature off...
  23. surgerush

    Widget or something to turn on/off built in driving mode tts?

    I'd like to use this built in feature when I'm driving but there's no way I'm going all the way into the settings every time I want to turn it on or off. Anything to make this a little easier?
  24. surgerush

    Help Is there a way to install on to SD card instead of USB storage?

    Ok, you know when you move apps to the SD card or when you have to install extra stuff for a game, it goes to the built in USB storage instead of the SD card. I want to know if there is a way to change that so it goes to the actual SD card instead. I downloaded a couple of games that take up...
  25. surgerush

    Help Volume lowered and pausing music when plugged in to headphone jack

    I'm sure someone has already asked this, but I've tried searching and I can't find anything. Every time I plug my phone into my car through the headphone jack and turn the volume all the way up on the phone, it pauses my music, turns down the media volume, and says something along the lines of...