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  1. King Mustard

    Unresponsive task switcher bar

    Since I was upgraded to "Coolwalk", the task switcher bar is unresponsive to touch input most of the time, and I can only swap between apps using the voice assistant when it occurs. This happens in wired or wireless modes. Car and all phone software is updated. Everything was fine before the...
  2. King Mustard

    Help Possible to show OBD2 data in Android Auto?

    I have an unrooted Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and a 2022 Peugeot 2008. Is it possible to show OBD2 data (such as revs) in Android Auto?
  3. King Mustard

    Accessories Trying to make sense of the various Samsung USB-C cables

    My used Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra did not come with a USB cable. I wanted to buy a genuine Samsung cable but I also wanted it to be as future-proof as possible. This lead me down a rabbit hole of different models/part numbers. So far, I've managed to put this together: Am I missing any...
  4. King Mustard

    Help Should I be getting Android 12 by now? (UK)

    I bought a used Galaxy S21 Ultra from SmartFoneStore. Settings > About phone > Software information tells me I'm running One UI v3.1 (Android 11). Settings > Software update > Download and install tells me: That all seems rather out of date? EDIT: Ironass on the Android Central forums has...
  5. King Mustard

    Help Make app drawer the home screen? (as in, disable home screen)

    Similar to how iOS operated before they introduced widgets to Springboard. I currently use Nova Launcher but I don't think this is possible. Any ideas/alternative launchers?
  6. King Mustard

    Help Unable to change screen zoom and font size on non-administrator account

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (2019) running Android 10. My parents also use the tablet. I have created two extra accounts on the device (Settings > Accounts and backups > Users). Whilst I (Administrator) can change the screen zoom and font size on my account, my parents can not. They are...
  7. King Mustard

    Help Phone reached 0% watching video but now won't turn back on

    Was watching a video until it died. It has been plugged in for hours since it powered down, so it should be fully charged. I have held the power button down for 30 seconds but nothing happens. When plugging it in to a computer, there's no response from either side. Any suggestions?
  8. King Mustard

    Which Android Auto-compatible MP3 player do you use?

    I have MP3s on my phone and I use the MediaMonkey app to play them through Android Auto. However, I am not keen on MediaMonkey for several reasons so I am looking to change. Which Android Auto-compatible MP3 player do you use?
  9. King Mustard

    Help Unable to make NFC payments unless banking app is open

    I bank with Barclays, who do not support Google Pay. With my Samsung Galaxy S8+, I was able to make NFC payments, even when the phone was locked. However, since I bought my Huawei P30 Pro back in March 2019, I need to have the Barclays app open and logged into it before I am able to make...
  10. King Mustard

    Help Mirror phone screen on PC when phone has no working screen/digitiser?

    We have a Samsung Galaxy S8+. The glass was cracked and, as we attempted to repair it, we damaged the screen/digitiser. Is there a way to mirror the phone's display on a computer, when it's not possible to use the phone's screen? I'm not sure if USB Debugging was on or off when the repair failed.
  11. King Mustard

    Help Unable to charge phone, notification always shows "Charging connected device via USB"

    As of a few months ago, the Pixel 2 XL wouldn't charge with the boxed TC G1000-UK A/C charger and boxed USB-C to USB-C cable. A workaround was to use a Samsung ETA-U90UWE A/C charger (uses USB-A) and a USB-A to USB-C cable bought on Amazon. Recently, that cable became damaged and there is...
  12. King Mustard

    Help Always show the dock? (even with apps open)

    I have an Android 9.0 car stereo unit Of course, it's permanently in landscape mode. I have the dock set to the right-hand side of the screen, with the apps I use most. However, when I launch an app, the dock disappears. Is it possible to always display the dock? The unit can not be rooted...
  13. King Mustard

    Help What is the model of the charger that comes in the box? (UK)

    I wish to reorder one.
  14. King Mustard

    Need a widget that will tell me when my data connection is ready

    I have an automotive head unit running Android 8.0. Plugged into one of the head unit's USB ports is a 4G dongle that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot. When I turn my car on, the head unit connects almost instantly to the Wi-Fi hotspot but the 4G data connection isn't quite ready for 15 seconds or so...
  15. King Mustard

    Help Make rooted device search for Wi-Fi connections more often

    The hardware: Dicola CHS7047X Android 8.0 MTCE car head unit (rooted) This generic 4G USB dongle The 4G dongle acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot and is always on. When I turn my car on, the head unit doesn't have to boot Android from fresh; it appears almost immediately. However, I can't access the...
  16. King Mustard

    Enable banner notification for received e-mails?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running Android 8.0. I use the Samsung Email v5.0.x app. When I'm using the phone, if I receive an e-mail, it doesn't appear from the top of the screen in a temporary banner-style notification. I simply hear the audio notification, the icon appears in the...
  17. King Mustard

    Unable to access data via. 4G USB dongle

    It does show my provider (plusnet) but there is no Internet access. Any ideas?
  18. King Mustard

    Help Changing to male voice navigation in Google Maps

    I am wanting to change the voice navigation in Google Maps to a male voice. When I press Play on the General management > Language and input > Text-to-speech screen, the voice that plays is male. I can't take a screenshot of the 'Google TTS Options' screen as I get: "Can't take screenshot due...
  19. King Mustard

    Help Show two apps at once on Android 5.1.1?

    I have a Pumpkin 13-RQ0278E-UK car head unit (specifications below). It has Android 5.1.1 installed. Ideally, I'd like a music player on the left side of the screen and Google Maps on the right side. Is this possible? Specifications Rockchip SoC Intel Atom "SoFIA" 3G-R CPU Android Open...
  20. King Mustard

    Help Disable notifications system-wide on Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop)?

    I have a Pumpkin 13-RQ0278E-UK (Pumpkin website | Amazon UK) touchscreen car stereo running 2014's Android 5.x (Lollipop). I have around 25 apps on there. Since it's just a car stereo that I use to play music, I don't need any notifications from any apps. The device is not rooted (and won't...
  21. King Mustard

    App that adjusts screen brightness using the time of the day?

    I have an Android-based stereo unit in my car but there is no ambient light sensor included so at night, the screen can be a bit blinding. Up to now, I have placed a widget on the home screen that lets me adjust the brightness but manually doing it is a small chore. Does anyone know of an app...
  22. King Mustard

    Help White screen problem on Smart Lock screen

    Unlocked SM-G955F running Android 7.0 (Samsung Experience 8.1). I am not using any package disablers. Only Gmail has been manually disabled. My 'Screen lock type' is PIN. I can only use PIN and Password types due to security restrictions that were applied when I added my NHS work e-mail...
  23. King Mustard

    FM radio app that uses the internal FM chip?

    I have a Pumpkin 13-RQ0278E Android-based touchscreen car stereo. Sometimes, I do not have a data connection so need to drop back to FM radio. The built-in FM radio app is a bit poo. What do people usually use? My device is not supported by NextRadio and Spirit FM is £5.64, so I don't want...
  24. King Mustard

    New Google App update has lost ability to take screenshots?

    On my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, I used to long-press the Home button to bring up Google Now and use one of the icons on the bottom to temporarily take a screenshot and instantly share it with a contact of my choice. This allowed me to skip having to delete the screenshot file, which is what I...
  25. King Mustard

    Help Struggling to format memory card as exFAT

    I have a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70F (2015) tablet that runs Android 6.0. I have a new 32 GB microSD card. When I inserted the card into the tablet, Android asked me to format it, which I accepted. When I connect the tablet to my Windows 10 PC and try to transfer 5 GB video files onto the memory...