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  1. fcortes626

    Root cwm or any recovery on system partition?

    does anyone know how i can install cwm or any other recovery on the system partition with out unlocking the bootloader? is it the same for all devices or is it different?
  2. fcortes626

    Root how do you port an apk????

    anyone know how to port an apk? the apk i want to port is higher sdk than what my phone is on. its android 4.1 to android 4.0:confused:
  3. fcortes626

    Root good bye boost

    well tomorrow is my last day with boost. cant stand the cheap reception and them slowing down our "3g" lol i will be changing over to t-mobile and will get the galaxy s3. thanks to the whole prevail root comunity for everything. i learned how to root here. i learned so much from here and the...
  4. fcortes626

    Root roaming?

    i am running lezo os cm7 based rom. i have data roaming off and i have a triangle instead of the 3g icon
  5. fcortes626

    Help weird notification

    today i woke up to see a weird notification on the notifications menu. it had an orange star on it and it said something like wanted summer workers. i accidentally tapped it and it opened my browser but i closed it because i had no idea what it was so now its gone. did any one else get that...
  6. fcortes626

    Root need help decompiling settings.apk

    i am trying to decompile settings.apk with apk manager but it wont work. this is what i get in the log. am i supposed to decompile with dependencies? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |Fri 06/08/2012 -- 14:54:47.58|...
  7. fcortes626

    Root process com.android.phone fc

    need help fixing something in LezoOS rom. im a noob so i have no idea how to fix it. ok so when the phone is in stand by and i get an incoming call if i slide to the left to reject the call i get "process com.android.phone has stopped...." if i accept the call it works. maybe a dev here know how...
  8. fcortes626

    Root [ROM][PORT] LezoOS beta

    I bring to you a ported Lezo OS chinese rom. The Rom is pretty stable. Just a few bugs but 3g, wifi, phone calls, and text messaging all work. It has a neat looking interface. it is a cm7 based rom. Thanks to: astinj- created the original rom to who ever translated the rom to english Hroark-...
  9. fcortes626

    Root [TIP]<LewaOs> ConvinientStore (cStore) {english}

    i managed to change the names and descriptions of the apps in the cstore to english. averything but one word is in english. i used google translate to translate from chinese to english so it might not be 100% accurate. Screen Shot Instructions -Download the attatchen file to your SD...
  10. fcortes626

    Root lewarom terminal message

    when i open up terminal emulator i type su pppd_runner then i get the following message: FIX ME! implement ttyname() bionic/libc/bionic/stubs.c:360 i am trying to get 3g to work. as i enable 3g manually i run alogcat. i attached a txt filtered with the word "data"
  11. fcortes626

    how do i recover deleted pics and videos?

    is there any way i can recover camera pics and videos? i briked my transformer prime and wiped the data thinking it would work but it didnt. i then got it unbricked and i lost all my pics and videos. i am rooted but locked bootloader soi dont have cwm or any other backups. is there a folder...
  12. fcortes626

    any dev want to root the transformer prime?

    is there any dev that could help in finding an exploit to root the asus transformer prime? they havent released an exploit at xda. all previous exploits were already patched by asus. i also read a post saying that the devs at xda dont want to release any new exploits because asus will patch it...
  13. fcortes626

    Root wrong location

    so today i was using speedtest and the nearest server it found was in Wichita, KS and i live near los angeles, ca. so i see a latitude and longitude and i search then on google maps and it cam up wit this: 8636-8692 NW 120th St Potwin, KS 67123. its in the middle of nowhere and far away from...
  14. fcortes626

    Root [SCRIPT] rtsp & httpd proxy settings (faster 3g)

    i ave made a script to change the rtsp and httppd proxy settings. since the newer roms dont have dial menus this will change the proxy settings from the data programing (##3282#) menu. This should give you a 20%-30% speed increase in 3G. To revert to the default proxy download the default...
  15. fcortes626

    Root terminal emulator comands??

    anyone have a list of commands for terminal emulator?
  16. fcortes626

    Root cwm touch?

    so i bought a transformer prime and while looking for a way to root it, because i updated and the new update had a patch on it to block root, i saw a post that said there was now a touch version of cwm. i was wondering if we will have that anytime soon on the prevail????
  17. fcortes626

    asus waranty?

    what does the asus waranty cover and for how long? im trying to see if it is worth unlocking the bootloader or just waiting to see if they find a new method with out unlocking. why is this forum so lonely compared to the prevail section on androidforums or the xda section of the transformer?
  18. fcortes626

    unlock apk

    isnt there a way some one can decompile the asus boot loader unlock apk and recompile it so that it doesnt go thru asus? or maybe even make the bootloader back to stock so asus would never find out it was unlocked?
  19. fcortes626

    is there a way to root

    i just got my transformer prime and cant seem to find a root method for build
  20. fcortes626

    Root i need the new fa19 update

    does anyone have the odin file for the new fa19 update? not the old one. there is a new update that fixes some issues with the old fa19 update. my phone keeps on asking for the update but when i select install it reboots and just shows a triangle with an exclamation mark and an android. and it...
  21. fcortes626

    Root cant install apk

    ever since the market changes to play store i cant intall apks i have downloaded from the internet. any one else have this problem or a solution?
  22. fcortes626

    Root update

    i just cane ouy of work and my phone is asking for a system update. any idea what they added? i put update later cuz idk if i will lose my.root Nd stuff.
  23. fcortes626

    Root touchwiz

    some one should try to port touchwiz to the prevail. that would be another good rom to port
  24. fcortes626

    Root who knows how to write scripts?

    who knows how to write an init script? i found some tweaks but need some one to make them into a script.
  25. fcortes626

    Root is there another way to change proxy settings?

    i was wondering if there is another way to change the proxy settings for the faster 3g tweak? im on cm7 and i hate to revert back and forth. i was thinking maybe theres a way to use root explorer and find a file containing all that info.